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Don't Look Down!
Author: 3kliksphilip Submitted: 25th September, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 329
189th Place     (3.27 / 5)

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Don't Look Down is a side view platformer, based on a 3D engine Which has taken me the last couple of days to create. The aim of the game is to get to the end of the level before you run out of time. Pick up tokens to alter how much time you have left and smash your face on the floor if you fail!

As the game will slow down some of your PCs, I also included a 256 colour version, as well as the T button which will alter the effects on and off.

WASD and Spacebar are the original controls, ctrl+y to change them.

The game is only single player I'm afraid, but I have included an open source version should anybody with MMF2 etc want to tweak it. You'll need the Advanced Direction Object, brownie points to anybody who finds out why it was included.

The game is split into 3 chapters and over 15 levels. Some of the levels are quite difficult but you have infinite lives and once you're good at the game you're looking at roughly 20 seconds per map.

Some of the levels include some sort of puzzle element, though it shouldn't tax any of YOU.

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Posted by Codemonkey 25th September, 2008
Rated :

Interesting concept, but it was too hard and not much fun.
Posted by Assault Andy 26th September, 2008

Please fix the last two screenshots before we accept this.
Posted by -Athan- 27th September, 2008

of what i read, it doesn't have so much fun in it
Posted by 3kliksphilip 28th September, 2008

Why don't you download it and see for yourself, seeing as it's only Codemonkey who's criticising it
Posted by Cecilectomy 28th September, 2008
Rated :

when he said "if you made it yourself" hes referring to this as it was released before your game.
and you got some major gameplay issues and flaws.
platform movement sucks. the pushout for collisions is horrid. the platforms themselves are annoying to jump to.

graphical issues. theres good and faster versions. the only difference is the lighting on the tower which begs me to wonder how the hell youre doing it. my computer lags like crazy. a computer that can run f.e.a.r. and hl2. and the lighting is the ONLY improvement in the good gfx version.

the music is annoying.

it could be good. but it isnt. codemonky was being generous.

oh and the ADO is used for a gun. which is used for what? nothing? whats the point?
Comment edited by cecil64 on 9/28/2008
Posted by -Athan- 28th September, 2008

well, codemonkey knows how to rate games as i saw in some he is right. Then cecil is right too.

and i simply don't want to download
Posted by 緑葉 28th September, 2008

You could have credited the original maker of the engine...
Posted by 3kliksphilip 28th September, 2008

I made the engine from scratch.

Also Althan, why do you insist on not downloading things? Is it just to spite people with the sort of 'oh well somebody says it isn't very good so they must be right!' or do you want me to plead with you to download a game that I have made for you to play for FREE? Plus it's far more complex (and fun, in my opinion) than most other games on this site. I don't mind some people being leaders and others being followers in life, but this is just silly
Comment edited by 3kliksphilip on 9/28/2008
Posted by Vertigo 28th September, 2008
Rated :

I downloaded it, and liked the idea (turned out not your idea) but thats about it. The engine has a lot of flaws that make it annoying to play and the good graphic version made it impossible for me to complete some levels on time (Because of the lag). Please continue improving this, but as it is now, I dont like it.
Comment edited by Vertigo on 9/28/2008
Posted by erghhhhx 28th September, 2008

Gah. I prefer .exes.

I can't open this in mmf...
Posted by Cecilectomy 29th September, 2008
Rated :

toxic theres compiled versions AND the open source.
Posted by alastair john jack 29th September, 2008

This works rather well, the 3D bricks is great! My only complaint is with the bricks shadows always staying the same.
Posted by Dr. James MD 29th September, 2008
Rated :

A couple of biffs about it...

The player fell through the floor a couple of times.

The light source is constant no matter on where the player is. It's as if you're rotating the tower rather than running around it.

WASD make for bad platform controls.

Cecil, my computer can't run Fear too well but runs this without any slowdown at all (lag is communication latency caused by a bottleneck).
Comment edited by Dr. James on 9/29/2008
heh, editing adds more BR lines, admins!
Comment edited by Dr. James on 9/29/2008
Posted by 3kliksphilip 29th September, 2008

OKAY let me just say, I appreciate that somebody else made a 3D platform thing. I thought 'hey that's a great idea, lets build on it!' So I have. I added in more detail, a 3D brick effect (Including the wall itself)

When problems with the game consist of 'The light source is constant no matter on where the player is. It's as if you're rotating the tower rather than running around it. ' and 'the bricks shadows always staying the same.' I just think... wtf. Nobody else has even ATTEMPTED shadows of any kind. Why am I being attacked for trying to expand into more detail? If somebody released a game like half life 2, would you accuse it of having low quality textures?

I accept that the gameplay isn't that great, but how far has everybody got? I can easily jump all the way through the game with out dying now. perhaps you SHOULD give this sort of game a chance.

I make games with more detail than most other people and I get attacked FOR that detail. In my opinion it's worse to make generic platformer after generic platformer.

btw you can change the controls with ctrl+y.
Posted by Dr. James MD 29th September, 2008
Rated :

Eh, HL2 comparison?
The detail is wrong though. You're not controlling the tower - you're controlling the character. Or not even since the platform movement is too buggy to play through properly.

And you're not being attacked, it's criticism. There have been no personal insults and everything posted has been about the game itself.
Posted by AndyUK 29th September, 2008

Ive reviewed it.
Posted by Aliashoj 29th September, 2008
Rated :

Posted by Cecilectomy 29th September, 2008
Rated :

james lag is not exclusive to network communication.

i like wikipedia's definition

"In computing and especially computer networks, lag (slang) is a symptom where the result of an action appears later than expected. While different kinds of latency are well defined technical terms, lag is the symptom, not the cause."

pay attention to the first two words.
Posted by Mr_Tom 30th September, 2008
Rated :

I think the reason you're all rating it low is because you think this is a game.. its not. This is DEMONSTRATING a more advanced version of that other '3d' tower example. (That other one has no 3d things in it btw). Obviously the gameplay in this is just a little bonus to the tech demo.

And i don't notice anyone accusing people of copying when they make a 2d platformer where you jump on things heads and collect coins, and how many of those are on TDC? So according to codemonnkeys logic that 3kliksphilip 'didnt make this game' then by that same logic codemonkey couldn't possibly have ever made a game either, since his all closely resemble previously made games.

Posted by 3kliksphilip 1st October, 2008

Valentine, you are aware that you can change your controls with ctrl_y?

Yes, maybe I should have said I was inspired by the 3D platformer made last week, but I can assure you I didn't look at the coding at all and it was all my own work. I'm sure that if you compare the code they were made in completely different ways.

Oh and what should go here, Codemonkey?
Posted by Mr_Tom 1st October, 2008
Rated :

i dont think its fair to rate it down cos it has wasd as defaul instead of arrow keys. In mainstream games wasd is pretty standard and used by majority of people... and its not like you cant change them anyway.
Posted by Cecilectomy 1st October, 2008
Rated :

mr tom its not demo or engine. it clearly states its a platformer and that its a game in the description.

and yes i looked at both sources and they are clearly different so its clearly his own work.
Posted by 3kliksphilip 1st October, 2008

game + tech demo > tech demo, right?
Posted by UrbanMonk 1st October, 2008
Rated :

Well I wasn't going to download this because of all the comments I read, But I decided to anyway to give it the benefit of the doubt. I must say it was pretty fun and a BIG improvement over the previous engine submitted here, I think you should add fastloops to the platform engine to make it a little more solid and you would have yourself quite a game!
Posted by markno2 1st October, 2008
Rated :

You've got a very nice 3D 'tech-demo' effect, but a horrible platform movement engine. I think this is where most criticism is stemming from. =/
Posted by Moonyjacob 3rd October, 2008
Rated :

leave him alone instead of criticising his work like that! ok the custom movement when you hit a floor you bounce down alot, you should see this as a engine than a game, the 3d effect is very nice although eye aching, as i know it's not yours anyway, nice work 5/5, and no nice work for the horrible people!!!!!
Comment edited by Moonyjacob on 10/3/2008
Posted by Skelux 11th October, 2008
Rated :

I see everyone's point... But I think your all being a little harsh about it. I like this game and would rate it 3 stars (seeing as its abit too hard and lacks afew smaller things), but seeing as everyone one has been harsh as they are, I shall give 5 to make up for it, thus, averaging the score to 3 stars as I beleived it should. Good Job.
Comment edited by Celux on 10/11/2008
Posted by Marko 15th October, 2008

I am not going to give this 5 stars in order to counter the negative feedback this game has been receiving (incidently i agree with most of it, yet it isn't such a priority to me).

Therefore i have decided to review this game. Hope you think it is balanced and fair
Posted by nim 13th November, 2008

As a tech demo I'm very impressed with the 3D effect. For some reason I have a particular interest in fake 3D effects with 2D sprites. As a game, I quite enjoyed it actually. The platform engine stands out as the worst feature, but I got used to it quickly. It's not as if the klik community hasn't seen its fair share of bad platform engines through the years
Posted by 3kliksphilip 13th November, 2008

I think that the 'click community' judges games on what they're trying to be, rather than what they are. For instance, oh look! Somebody makes a simple 4 colour game with one feature, it's very good for that! 5 stars... whilst if somebody tries to make an RPG with complex levelling and stuff people go 'Oh I don't like the graphics, not as good as Final Fantasy. 2 stars.'

In conclusion- people rate it on what the game is, instead of rating it down for what it's not. If that makes sense.






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