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Light Cubed
Author: 3kliksphilip Submitted: 8th March, 2011 Favourites:1
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 184

This is my first flash game.

Light Cubed is a simple, pick-up-and-play game that's easy to learn and difficult to master. Place white blocks on the screen and they fill up the bar at the bottom of the screen. Fill the bar to complete the level. Simple, huh? Well no. As the levels progress, things begin to get in your way. You'll be able to complete the 12 levels in this short puzzle game fairly easily... but that's only the beginning.

Although simple, there are many exploits and tricks you can use to shave 100ths of a second off your time. Use your uber micro to replace bar-sapping blocker blocks when they're not required. Riskily place white blocks in dangerous levels to get the lead over rivals and their times. Go through all 12 levels at once to score the ultimate prize- the campaign lowest time! Give this game a quick go and play along to the noisy trance beat. You never know, it could even be fun!


Use the mouse to move the cursor around.

1 on the keyboard / left mouse click to place white blocks
2 on the keyboard to place brown blocking blocks.

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Posted by Yai7 9th March, 2011
Rated :

I must say it was excellent! Please tell us how much you have made out of this game!
Posted by Jess Bowers 9th March, 2011
Rated :

That was a lot of fun, Philip! More levels please!
Posted by MasterM 9th March, 2011

3kliksphilip is the coolest clicker ever. he looks exactly like a swedish friend of mine named philip who also used to make click games. its really weird. thats why i always have a great sympathy just by looking at his avatar.
Posted by 3kliksphilip 9th March, 2011

Thanks for the kind words people! Just made this as a little flash test, learned a huge amount about making flash games. Mochi is quite an interesting thing as well, I let them distribute my game and it's picked up thousands of views from about 40 random websites that they've uploaded it to. Seems like a method of mass-spam and judging by the number of people who actually bother to submit high-scores, most of the views seem to be accidental or passing. I left it a little late with the advertising, too, so I missed out on a lot of potential revenue from newgrounds. Seems that adverts from newgrounds are worth about 10x higher than most other sites this game was posted on.

I'm not disappointed with mochi though, seems like a great way of getting your game out there, and they really do have a great highscore / analyst function you can add to your games. I've been guilty in the past of making large, user-unfriendly games and this one's an example of me trying to change all of that. About 80% of the time I spent making this game was simply listening to user feedback and making changes accordingly. Mochi's analytical features allow you to track anything you like. I've been tracking the number of people who use the help function for each level, as well as the number of times a level is won, lost or quit. I might release some of the numbers if people are interested, it's fascinating seeing how many people drop off each level. For example, 499 people have completed the first level, but only 39 have reached the end of the 12-level campaign. Kind of depressing really, plus the only person who's actually bothered with the timetrials and everything properly has picked an argument with me, accusing me of cheating to get the best scores. I've certainly learned a lot of interesting things from making this flash game and judging from the stats, only about 6% of you will have bothered reading this entire post

Here are a couple of stats I'll share right now, just for NastyMan.

Game Totals:

Sessions - 1,172
Gameplays - 7,342
Impressions - 1,744
Earnings - $0.35

...don't think I'll be giving up my job at McDonalds just yet.
Posted by Marko 10th March, 2011
Rated :

Cool game, very well balanced levels and an interesting concept. A puzzle game i find fun (shock!)
Posted by Chrisbo 14th March, 2011
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Fun game. If anything it's a great way to get your name out there. And it's not costing you anything.





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