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Marker Mayhem
Author: OMC Submitted: 2nd March, 2010 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 142

Edited By OldManClayton on 3/2/2010

The zombie project of finally-done-ness! Features online and local scoreboards now.

Click on a sleepy student with the left mouse button to throw a marker at them and keep them awake. If you catch them early, you get extra points! Don't throw anything at students who are awake or you'll lose points. Click the right mouse button to reload. The longer the class goes on, the faster the students fall asleep, and you can't reload in the dark, so be sure to keep a full stock.

If more than one student falls asleep at the same time, the game is over!

Be sure to hit powerups with your markers to get upgrades like a bigger ammo box, the ability to throw three markers at a time, and slowing down the rate at which the students fall asleep. You cannot throw markers directly at powerups.

A giant thanks to Matt Boothman for the pixel art (if it looks bad, it's something I drew), Hempuli for some help with programming, and Kevin MacLeod for writing and putting free music online.

Suggestions welcome, but not necessarily put into action. For this iteration. I have other projects.

Download the original here:

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Posted by Mkingy 2nd March, 2010
Rated :

Pahaha pretty fun game. Well drawn graphics and solid engine I likes.
Posted by OMC 2nd March, 2010

Good! Thanks for playing!
Posted by Marko 2nd March, 2010
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I agree with Mkingy - very much a fun game!
Posted by UrbanMonk 3rd March, 2010

Is that detention?

There is no books on the desks.
Posted by OMC 3rd March, 2010

Nor is there a door in the room. And nobody's breathing. And you aren't fired for throwing markers at students.

Good point though.
Posted by [EclektiK] 3rd March, 2010
Rated :

Posted by OMC 3rd March, 2010

Thanks for your feedback on the project page.
Posted by UrbanMonk 3rd March, 2010

The door is behind the teacher, and he gets fired when more than 1 student falls asleep.
Posted by OMC 3rd March, 2010

And the books are invisible! And/or it's detention.
Posted by W3R3W00F 4th March, 2010
Rated :


I love those hilarious graphics by Boothman. And the music... it's just so darn perfect. It was pretty fun, but more powerups would've been nice, like rapid fire markers or an emergency alarm like in the original (or a squeaky toy. )

Overall I thought it was pretty darn fun.
Posted by Rikus 5th March, 2010

Sorry it took me so long to check it out, been working lots of overtime and playing mass effect 1.
Posted by OMC 5th March, 2010

Thank you both for playing!
Posted by lembi2001 5th March, 2010

Can't play on my laptop, AV is flagging the live receiver.mfx as malware-genericA. Retarded Software!!! Not yours OMC my AV
Posted by OMC 5th March, 2010

What antivirus do you use?

Course I guess it wouldn't do any good to report it since the live receiver is outmoded.
Posted by lembi2001 6th March, 2010

it's sophos - work provided - had to disable it to play!! pretty good game. i lost because i didn't reload before it went dark!
Posted by OMC 6th March, 2010

Haha, I wondered if anyone would get caught by that. Apparently so! Thanks for playing Lembi!
Posted by SortaCore 12th April, 2010
Rated :

Very well made game





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