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Splotches Demo
Author: OMC Submitted: 31st July, 2010 Favourites:3
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 329
3rd Place     (4.9 / 5)

Edited By OMC on 12/31/2011

Make a mess! Splotches is a colorful, splattery puzzle game littered with paint and explosions. Spread and mix colors to make brownsplosions on your way to destroying the Rainbow Orb. Get past locked walls, teleporters, conveyors, mines and more as you solve tricky challenges. Play easy levels, play hard levels, or make your own levels! Just be sure to bring some goggles and gloves.

You can buy the full version of the game for $5 at

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Posted by HorrendousGames 31st July, 2010
Rated :

This was a very enjoyable expirience. The presentation was excellent. The idea of the game, while difficult at first was pretty simplistic after working on it. Though you mention it was only a demo, it did feel very complete. How long have you been working on this?

I hope you do well in the competition.
Posted by UrbanMonk 1st August, 2010
Rated :


The Coding was excellent!
Posted by OMC 1st August, 2010

Thanks HG! It's been about 2 years on and off total. I've remade it at least twice.

Thanks Urby. ;o
Posted by HorrendousGames 1st August, 2010
Rated :

Well the work shows. By the way, the boo sound was definatly classy. It's the kind of sound that totally needs a visual to go with it to make it that much better.
Posted by W3R3W00F 1st August, 2010
Rated :

Fun game mechanic! Great sounds and graphics too, as well as a solid engine. One thing though- sometimes particle effects get on top of the level transition/restart/etc cover. But that's about all I can say is wrong.

Definitely worth a play!
Posted by Rikus 1st August, 2010
Rated :

Hey omc, the screenshots come up as black pics for me. I am going to download this first thing tomorrow and make a quick video out of it, yay!
Posted by OMC 1st August, 2010

Yea, I don't know why the screenshots don't work. O_o
Posted by CsaR 1st August, 2010
Rated :

Great game. I'm didn't expect it to be as addictive as it was. I takes a while to get used to which colors blends together and so on. Maybe you could have had an optional setting that you could check so that if you right click a color it would show which color it mixes with or something.

Nice gfx and overall feel to the game. Five stars from me.
Posted by OMC 1st August, 2010

Thanks Csar! (And you too, W3r3w00f!) That's not a bad idea. I'll keep that in mind for the next release.
Posted by Rikus 1st August, 2010
Rated :

I loved it! from the great gameplay elements, to the graphics and soundeffects/music, it is just fun mixing paint! I do agree that the learning curve might be a bit to long for some but csar's comments could help with it

Other then that 5 stars! And a quickvideo
Posted by OMC 1st August, 2010

Thanks Rikus! A little quick reminder of what mixes with what shouldn't be too hard to do.
Posted by HorrendousGames 1st August, 2010
Rated :

@CsaR I think there's an icon at the top that lists the colors you can mix. I could be wrong.
Posted by Neuro 2nd August, 2010

Great game! and extremely well presented. One of the best puzzlers I've ever played, for sure.
Posted by OMC 2nd August, 2010

Fantastic to hear! Thank you!
Posted by alastair john jack 2nd August, 2010

Nice game, pretty fun, seems quite polished too!

Just some random thoughts you don't need to listen to:

For the tutorial perhaps you could have the pop-up instruction text automatically popup? People will want to read it anyway, so theres not much point in having the player have to click on it. Maybe clicking on the window could close it too?

Perhaps buttons could be highlighted in some way when the mouse is over them?

The buttons could also probably be a slightly different hue in order to seperate them from the background a bit?

Maybe the arrows in the tutorial could be moving a bit, to make them more awesome.

Posted by OMC 2nd August, 2010

I had the automatic instructions suggested to me by someone else too but I wanted the entire puzzle to be visible from the start and I wanted the player to be used to clicking on it when it was blinking.

I'll mess around with some button highlights and see if it works.

The way the arrows are coded in the tutorial would make them a bit hard to move, unfortunately.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!
Posted by Strife 2nd August, 2010
Rated :

This is one of the most charming and professional klik games I've played in years. The system of mixing colors is something I've never seen before, and yet it totally makes sense from an artistic standpoint. Not to mention, it's more addicting than it looks.

I can kinda see what the others are commenting about though - people who have never taken an art class before might have trouble learning the various color combinations, so making the popup instructions appear during the game instead of just on the main menu might be a good idea.

Aside from that, though, both my thumbs are way up on this one, OMC. You should consider making a port for Clickteam's upcoming iPhone exporter. This would be a perfect game for mobile phones, and if you decide to sell the full/iPhone version for money, just imagine the amount of pocket change you'd get!
Posted by OMC 2nd August, 2010

Thanks Strife! I'd actually love to see this on the iPad, where you could just drag the splotches to spread. I think the iphone would be a bit too small for it.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm going to see about that popup and a few other suggestions I've received after I take a short break.
Posted by Bricnic 3rd August, 2010
Rated :

Fantastic game, very polished. A small grammatical error I noticed- "Brain fart- you didn't have any" should say "Brain farts". Also to be honest I think you've included too much in the demo! Granted, you might choose to not sell the full game (although it is definitely viable), but I think for example the level editor should have been left for the full game
Posted by OMC 3rd August, 2010

Whoops, I thought I'd changed that to "you didn't have one". Thanks for noticing!

I was afraid if I didn't include enough levels, people wouldn't get sucked in. You think I could take even more out?
Posted by Jason Orme 3rd August, 2010

This is pretty much what I planned on doing with the full version of "Paint It".

I guess great minds think alike.
Posted by OMC 3rd August, 2010

I remember seeing your game and being worried that it was similar, since it had a paint theme. But our two games are based on entirely different concepts.

Did you participate in the Tourey?
Posted by Matthew Wiese 3rd August, 2010
Rated :

Very enjoyable, but kinda tough for those of us who think green and orange look the same, and the like.
Posted by UrbanMonk 4th August, 2010
Rated :

Time to make a color blind version!
Posted by Matthew Wiese 4th August, 2010
Rated :

Yup... Maybe a modded version with shapes?
Posted by OMC 4th August, 2010

Hmmm. Conceivable but probably too confusing.
Posted by Matthew Wiese 4th August, 2010
Rated :

Maybe just change the look of the active objects?

I was kidding anyway. X)
Posted by Lobot 5th August, 2010
Rated :

never seen a game using colour like this- awesome. it's got my vote
Comment edited by Manic robot on 8/5/2010
Posted by OMC 5th August, 2010

Thanks dude!
Posted by Lobot 5th August, 2010
Rated :

good luck in the contest mate
Posted by OMC 5th August, 2010

You too!
Posted by Lazernaut 6th August, 2010

I want to be honest first: Quite honestly I just couldn't get into this game, I don't know why.

I will say this though:

I was thoroughly impressed with how polished the game seemed. It seemed really impressive. The music was great, the effects and how everything was put together. Very well done.
Posted by OMC 6th August, 2010

Posted by UrbanMonk 7th August, 2010
Rated :

Puzzle games aren't for everyone
Posted by Poobical 10th August, 2010
Rated :

Utterly love it. I was all confused when watching the videos on how your playing it, but when you go through the tutorials and pick it up, it's rather addicting. I will be buying the full version as soon as my university loan comes in. Top notch stuff.
Posted by OMC 10th August, 2010

Yay! Thank you.
Posted by s-m-r 19th August, 2010

Just bought it. Best of success to you, OMC!
Posted by OMC 19th August, 2010

Thanks, s-m-r!





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