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Balding Overweight Man Demo 3.32
Author: OMC Submitted: 27th June, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 300
Game of the Week Winner

Edited By OldManClayton on 12/4/2009

Edited By OldManClayton on 3/21/2009

Might as well put something meatier up here since it won GOTW. Link is to the latest demo now. Enjoy!

PLEASE NOTE: Currently the plan is to leave BOM on hold, and perhaps start from scratch in the future. It may just end up being a proof-of-concept. Visit for updates.

Battle the forces of evil as Balding Overweight Man! Play the role of the local goofball in a fatsuit who must protect the children from the awfulness of eating only healthy food. Shift is jump, Shift + Z is Belly Flop, Ctrl is Belly Pooge. There's only one level and boss right now. Yes, it's bug-filled. It's a demo.

Current Locations:

Current characters:
Balding Overweight Man (OldManClayton)
The Vegoogie man
Skinni Pretzil Stix

Future Locations:

Future characters/bosses:
Hamilton Burger
Cornelius Daugge
Big McLargeHuge
Scotty the Peanut Horse

Future Abilities:
The blazing bald spot laser
the bellybutton abyss
The Lethargic wave of doom

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Posted by Roseweave 28th June, 2008

This looks hilarious.
Posted by OMC 28th June, 2008

Roseweave, This isn't the full demo, I had an older one up, but I'm not going to reccomend it because the next one will have the new and better graphics.
Posted by Toadsanime 28th June, 2008

This looks good, so I'll give it a go. How much playtime would you say this demo has...?

@OldManClayton - Better graphics...? Although I welcome the idea, all that's not great about the graphics right now is the simple textboxes/menu.
Posted by Zezard 28th June, 2008

As you said in your project session, a lot of new bugs have appeared, but I think you will find them easier and more logic to solve with a custom movment.
Posted by OMC 28th June, 2008

Thanks everybody! Alot of the "new graphics" were already put into the old level, it's just a few differences. The new ones that still need done are the benches, the cars, and a good rolling background of sidestreets. As you may know by now, this demo does not have much playtime at all. It is not a full demo, it's just two levels. I'm going to release a full demo with title and everything very soon. So, which movement should I go with?
Posted by Zezard 28th June, 2008

I vote custom!
You probably realized the great advantage of having more control over the movment when you fixed so that BOM would automatically stand up after the bounce attack.
Posted by OMC 28th June, 2008

Cool. One for custom.
Posted by -MacAdaM- 29th June, 2008

Custom, you can do cooler things with it easier.
Posted by OMC 29th June, 2008

Yes, but cool things aside, which movement plays better? Try to put aside your natural Clicker thought processes. Just think of them in matters of funness, frustratingness, and overall awesomeness. Two for custom.
Posted by Peblo 30th June, 2008
Rated :

Collision detection is awful on the default platform movement. The custom movement one could use some work but it's much better.

It also crashed a few times, and it looped and repeated sounds after I 'completed' the second level and started over.

I think I'm invincible when I'm attacking. If you haven't already, you might consider a collision mask.

The graphic style is great though, originality isn't something you stumble upon everyday here at TDC. DC mail me if you have any questions on anything.

Edit: K, I also couldn't move after playing in the black bubbles. After a bit, they also lost gravity and started going off the screen.
Comment edited by Peblo on 6/30/2008
Posted by OMC 30th June, 2008

Yes, You just named all the issues I have. The "oil spill orbital bug" is one I haven't been able to remove. I thought at first it was maybe because of hitting the object limit, but that doesn't make sense... I was going to try putting a more sophisticated collision system in, but I've been putting it off. I've never had trouble with looping sounds, but windows XP SP2 has been determined to be the cause of the crashes. I have no clue why.
Posted by Peblo 30th June, 2008
Rated :

If you want, copy the oil spill code over to a new frame and send it over to me, I'll help you fix it.
Posted by OMC 30th June, 2008

Well, you seem to be a pretty reputable guy, I suppose I could just send you the entire source. It'd probably get more done. Image
Comment edited by OldManClayton on 7/1/2008
Posted by OMC 2nd July, 2008

Many more people have downloaded it, but have not commented! Comment por favor!
Posted by Peblo 3rd July, 2008
Rated :

Send the source, if you want. I'll help you with whatever you would like, anything and everything, I have nothing better to do. Besides work. I'd rather help people than sit here with all this useless klik knowledge.
Comment edited by Peblo on 7/3/2008
Posted by OMC 3rd July, 2008

Sent it.
Posted by viva/volt 5th July, 2008

The graphical style is really interesting, it's like a comic book in motion - the animations have a lot of character which is pretty rare these days!

Custom movement is smoother IMO, the default + the car was awful.

The attacking feels a little bit imprecise, i could stand there and hold CTRL and just murder people too easily too.

Looking forward to this though, you remind me of a friend of mine - both in the insanity and the graphical style.
Posted by OMC 5th July, 2008

Hehe, insanity is my speciality. Thanks for your good comment, Ben! I think I might've recruited Peblo, so maybe I'll be motivated to fix some more bugs.
Posted by MBK 7th July, 2008

The Custom Movement is definitely better Clayton.

Nice work btw. Did you make it out of the code I changed or you scrap that and re-do it completely ?

I probably just confused you more with what I sent to you I bet, It had lots of glitches .. I couldn't quite cope with the coding style. It's tough for me to change code that I didn't create sometimes.

Posted by OMC 7th July, 2008

Heh, well, I don't even remember where I put your code. I figured it would be better to do it from scratch. I appreciate the effort though! I think having trouble coping with other clickers' programming style is a universal plight. I think the only way that it wouldn't happen is if two people learned it at the same time together, or one person taught another EVERYTHING.
Posted by TreeHugger 15th July, 2008
Rated :

I think the custom was better.

"Beware all tree-huggers everywhere! for tonight, the Obese Knight roams the streets."

Posted by TreeHugger 15th July, 2008
Rated :

Nah, not a real treehugger at all. And I agree, it get taken way too far
Posted by Zezard 17th July, 2008

How did this, a comparision between an incomplete custom movment and the built-in movment, become the game of the week, when the actual content have already been published?!
Posted by Codemonkey 25th July, 2008

Posted by Kazuma 30th July, 2008

Sounds like he's complaining about none of his stuff winning GOTW.

Ignore him. He'll go away eventually.





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