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Soccer Freak!
Author: Nobuyuki Submitted: 15th August, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Bat And Ball Downloads: 640

Soccer Freak is a game that you might not expect. Instead of being a sports game like most people would think, it is actually more like an arcade game. It has a real "arcade" feel to it, too, complete with oldschool FX. Your object is to hit the ball into the air as many times as possible without the ball hitting the ground. Features include a high score table and a fully working options screen, complete with tweaks to make SoccerFreak run on older systems as slow as 266MHz!


Main Program: NOBUYUKI
High Score Program: TRAVIS SKARE
Background Sprites: PODUNKIAN
Foreground Sprites/CG: NOBUYUKI

-Extension creators-
Complex Movement: ANDREW MATHER
Web browser popup:

-Special thanks to the Musicians-
Beek, Virt, Radix, Wave, Drax, and Matt Furniss.


The multiplayer code in MooClick is the reason this game was delayed so long. Learning how to use it is difficult, the documentation is poor, and in the end was very unrewarding. I suggest everyone to stick to Moo2 or Dplay. For that reason, multiplayer is disabled by default because it isn't very good, but there is a certain way to activate it on the title screen...

Please post your impressions with the game, and thanks a lot for downloading!

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Posted by scaneider 15th August, 2002

Yay, 28 2nv place. ;\
Posted by danjo 15th August, 2002

my eyes were watering at 60 ! hahah - great game nobuyuki.
Posted by scaneider 15th August, 2002

mwhahaha! 159 points, now let's see anyone can beat me. XD
Posted by Trooper 15th August, 2002

Great game like I expected Nobuyuki. The only thing that was different from the kick-ups game I told you while it was still in the previews is that in kickups, you need to actually click on the ball to bounce it up. But still a great game! :)
Posted by ben_02 16th August, 2002

you're just lucky BIOSPARK
Posted by Canazza 16th August, 2002

i got 17... MY AGE!
Posted by Marcello 16th August, 2002

176 muahaha!
Posted by Nobuyuki 16th August, 2002

Apologies to anyone trying to submit a score today, it would seem the server host picked a good time to "upgrade"! hope they like shitloads of PHP traffic. >:)
Posted by Dustin 16th August, 2002

Very well done, Nobu. The game is addicting, I'll give you that. Simple games most always turn out to be the best. The only problem I find is my mouse chooses the worst times to act up. :|
Posted by Paul_James 16th August, 2002

ofcourse Podunkian likes it ~ he made the background sprites hehe x) OH YEA GREAT GAME
Posted by Gibson 16th August, 2002

Looks awsume!It reminds me of when I played soccer yes yes I kicked the ball way too hard and it went over the goal post!Anyway this is the kind of game I like I'm downloading It now.
Posted by Gibson 16th August, 2002

Done!........Ahhhh!!!Why the hell won't you work!What do you mean Dmc2!Does anyone know where I can Download Dmc object 2?Its kinda ergent.
Posted by Gravy 18th August, 2002

Hey Nobu, When I try to load up the game, I get a message saying "Cannot load dmc2.COX. This object might need an external program or library not yet installed." Can you help me out with this? The game looks great. -CT
Posted by Nobuyuki 18th August, 2002

there are required DLL files, bass.dll and cncs232.dll, on our website. If you ever get this error while playing klik games, I suggest you put bass.dll in your winsys folder. You won't have any problems after that!
Posted by Gravy 18th August, 2002

Thanks game!
Posted by Gordon Chen 18th August, 2002 this game looks very like ur game...i was addicted to this game 6 months ago btw. i dunno if u copied it or it was just coincidence thta the games were similar. its stil possible two ppl both coul'dve thought of it.
Posted by Gordon Chen 18th August, 2002

btw i'm missing dmc2.cox do u know where i can download it
Posted by Nobuyuki 18th August, 2002

I've already answered that question. And as for kickups, I just took a look at it right now, and no, I've never heard of it before someone mentioned it on the SF preview :3
Posted by danjo 19th August, 2002

of course is possible that 2 people can be making/made the same game.
Posted by danjo 19th August, 2002

masterM in your reveiw you mentioned names cant be saved- of course they can.
Posted by Faithtoken 19th August, 2002

great game! :)
Posted by Nobuyuki 19th August, 2002

very very soon I will be releasing a general bugfix release to this. When I announce it please make sure to redownload as at that time the high scores will no longer work with the old version! thanks, and sorry for the inconvienience.
Posted by Gordon Chen 19th August, 2002

btw nobuyuki, i was thinking if u did answer the quetson..was teh solution that bass.dll one? sounds like a wierd solution, thats why i didn't try it. its good u didn't copy, cuz i've seen 3 games in 3 weeks that copied and admitted they didn't (which pisses me off haha)
Posted by Gordon Chen 19th August, 2002

btw, podunkian and nobuyuki, in install maker you can make it come w/ drivers. in ninjets, my bro (Alan Chen) did that (w/ a driver, not vid the codec tho). learn to use install maker k k? :) u can choose what files and which folders to copy them to. g'luck
Posted by Nobuyuki 19th August, 2002

Gordon: I'd rather not add another MB to a simple game just for files most people have already. It's just not my style! Anyways, besides that. SoccerFreak has been updated to version 1.1. This fixes the following issues in version 1.0: * Pressing the ALT key would freeze the game * You could type more than 3 letters into the country code at the options screen * Slowing down the game also slowed down the timer without compensation of scoring * Disabling music required you to wait for it to fade out on the options screen * Enabling music required restart I have also added the following features to SoccerFreak: * FPS and FPS average counters (press F12 in options screen to access it) * Automatic engine speed adjustment (Will lower music quality / disable ink effects to increase framerate) * Fluctuation detector (disables hit detection if framerate drops too low during game) Please download this version as the old version will no longer allow you to submit scores!
Posted by Krux6 20th August, 2002

Sorry about this, but how do you start the game?
Posted by Krux6 20th August, 2002

Oh, scrap that, figured it out. And great music!
Posted by MasterM 20th August, 2002

I am confused! I opened the soccer freak download site (this site) and there was NO comment and Nobus name wasnít Nobuyuki it was Jay Beggis (I canít really remember so i am not sure if this is total correct) Can somebody tell me the reason why this happened??
Posted by danjo 20th August, 2002

i just posted hi - and your chart has been hacked to bits.
Posted by Nobuyuki 20th August, 2002

danjo: some guy's been spraying the same URL again and again and it's unfortunate the anti-sportsman spirit he's been displaying. So, I'm afraid I'm going to have to add tougher ban enforcement... right after I delete these scores.
Posted by Nobuyuki 20th August, 2002

OK, I just added IP and hostname logging into the high scores script, but it's not an easy job. I'm kind of stressed because I don't know the first thing about PHP and I have to go and learn it just to figure out how to implment banning to the script, etc etc. I just realized that Chris Davis is having a lot of fun at my expense over this whole thing, but I'm not the only one who loses out by the board being flooded. It's sad, really :|
Posted by Rikus 20th August, 2002

Sorry to hear that nobu, it sure is sad. Btw i think the folks at the clickteam forums have a lot of experience with this kind of thing, just ask them and i am sure they will be willing to help you out.
Posted by Gordon Chen 21st August, 2002

but nobuyuki...what if u wanna share w/ other ppl like thru they dont' have this lil forum thing to discuss it and find out what to do about themissing drivers. its also not convenient to have a readme to go to ur site and download it. btw, are the drivers that big @@
Posted by Nobuyuki 21st August, 2002

gordon: I don't intend on making my game the "fruit show" of the week lest I get more random lamers trying to ruin it for the people the game's intended for. I think of my group kinda as a little "self-contained showcase" of our work. Oh yeah -- please pick me, game of the week~! ;)
Posted by jast 21st August, 2002

Ummm... I got the message "Error: invalid score submission." Now I'm on the first place with 48 points. Don't tell me it was my fault ;)
Posted by Nobuyuki 21st August, 2002

Jannis: that IS a quite bit odd, I'll talk to travis about it right now. It probably has something to do with the security measures I tried putting in.
Posted by HiredGun 21st August, 2002

Nob-Nob, what the HELL is all this shit: "* FPS and FPS average counters (press F12 in options screen to access it) * Automatic engine speed adjustment (Will lower music quality / disable ink effects to increase framerate) * Fluctuation detector (disables hit detection if framerate drops too low during game)" FPS counter? How have you done that? And why? Oooh, a "Fluctuation Detector"! Stop trying to dress up a game that should just be a 50kb Vitalize game on V-Cade.
Posted by Dogzer 21st August, 2002

Nobuyuki: Tennis freak!
Posted by Nobuyuki 21st August, 2002

hiredGun: pull your head out your ass. You're still on your soapbox and everyone's watching!
Posted by Mohr Stoutbeard 21st August, 2002

Actually, HiredGun has a point. Why don't you just add a "Flux Capacitor" to it so we can go back to the future, while you're at it?
Posted by Gordon Chen 21st August, 2002

ha i'll prolly vote for it.i havne't found time to download anything yet. yea i feel u for ppl messing up the scoreboard. ninjets had one and occasionally it gets hacked.
Posted by Nobuyuki 22nd August, 2002

mohr: I only wish to stop potential cheaters another way. I don't understand the problem with that but it seems nobody understands the honor system anymore. Also, I don't dig why my game got a review worthy to that of a 1-week n00b project. :F
Posted by HiredGun 22nd August, 2002

*Knock Knock* Who's at the door? Oh! It's Captain Missed-The-Point! All I'm saying is, yes, the game may be a good idea and all, but why did you dress it up with all these fancy graphics and options?
Posted by Nobuyuki 22nd August, 2002

I don't think the graphics are that fancy, and as far as options go, they're just things I think should be in any game people work on for more than 2 weeks... most people are total lazy asses, though @_@
Posted by SplinTAH 22nd August, 2002

this r0xx0r nobu
Posted by Raincoatduck 22nd August, 2002

Yeah, I was totally pissed off that Eternal Daughter did have a "fluctuation detector". I mean, geez, how could they have forgotten that!
Posted by Nobuyuki 23rd August, 2002

because ED doesn't have a high score to compete with other people like the real, classic arcades did. Because ED being slowed down would be a good thing considering only half the beta testers could beat it. All sorts of reasons! Good job comparing this to ED, too, I can really see how an arcade game and an RPG go together ;p~
Posted by Nobuyuki 23rd August, 2002

if you missed my point, it was this: since people compete online, they're gonna want to have some "extra advantages" over the next guy. Where does it become wrong to make sure everyone has a level playing field? I think you guys are a bit overzealous to slam extra stuff I put in the game for your own benifet.
Posted by Nitro 26th August, 2002

Fluctuation sensors tingling!
Posted by Keatonian 13th October, 2003

Lol Nitro






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