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HyperGem 3
Author: Nobuyuki Submitted: 10th June, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 300
Game of the Week Winner

HyperGem 3 is the latest in Do-jin Nyuu's line of puzzle games. This version was made in under 2 weeks for the Natomic Color Competition. You can play 2 players or online with a friend. Using the built-in profiles system, you and your family can also play HyperGem using the same computer. Profiles have their own record history and custom avatars (which online players can see). Coming soon is 3p and 6p mode.

Please read the readme file before playing as it contains important information!

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Posted by Nobuyuki 11th June, 2003

Important: If you wish to play online, you MUST define an avatar and a profile. You cannot use the default profiles because I forgot not to hardwire the locations of the defaults. This bug will be fixed in a later version. If you do not define an avatar manually, you will get an error when trying to play someone online.
Posted by -Oka- 12th June, 2003

This should be front page stuff! :)
Posted by CYS 12th June, 2003

no one's online... :(
Posted by Marcus Quarfordt 13th June, 2003

i don't have any friends... :P
Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 13th June, 2003

Woah, now this game rocks!!!! you could play this for ages, great Job Nobuyuki!!, i may review it later.
Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 13th June, 2003

I played about 4 games online with one guy, we both loved the game.
Posted by Dark One 14th June, 2003

Dang I wanna play this game but I can't since I don't have DMC2 Object and I'm not about to pay 20 dollars or so for it just to play this game, Sorry.
Posted by Derek T .Reaves 14th June, 2003

WHAT!?You dont need that.You need to download bass.dll from their website.Lol.Hope this helps :).
Posted by HOSJ 14th June, 2003

What about 4 and 5 player?
Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 14th June, 2003

I actually find theres 1 or 2 people on whenever i go on, so thats pretty good.
Posted by Maddie 14th June, 2003

puzzle games are lame. this one is alight though i guess since it is online and everything.
Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 14th June, 2003

I dont really like Puzzle games much, like Meeklits, i didnt like it much, it got kinda boring and you have to pay for it. but this game because of the online and 2 player modes is sweet!
Posted by Nobuyuki 15th June, 2003

I don't think a board exists on a hexagonal playing field that would give 4 and 5 player games an even chance. For 3 and 6 players, the mobility is completely symmetrical for the first round and therefore keeps the gameplay fair. For 6 players, I might start off each player with a triad of gems. You'll just have to see...
Posted by Jack Galilee 15th June, 2003

Y Cant We Play 6 Player
Posted by Blackgaze 15th June, 2003

cant seem to get online working x)
Posted by Blackgaze 15th June, 2003

oh and great game!
Posted by Lavitz 16th June, 2003

this game is cool..put it on front page....
Posted by Lavitz 16th June, 2003

somethings wrong...what is a cncs232.dll file?
Posted by Johan Hargne (Wartagon) 16th June, 2003

download it. Just search it at Google or something. You WILL find it :)
Posted by Johan Hargne (Wartagon) 16th June, 2003

By the way.. Someone who wants to play?? give me your IP then... :P
Posted by AdaM C. 17th June, 2003

This game is pretty cool, i play it with a couple friends on my computer. Now i just wish someone would be online!
Posted by AdaM C. 17th June, 2003

if anyones on this page right now, get on the game and go online please
Posted by HOSJ 19th June, 2003

YAY! I found someone online and BEAT 'im! 40-18 :D
Posted by Robert100chat 21st June, 2003

how did you make it online?
Posted by Joe.H 22nd June, 2003

"could not load dmc2.cox. blah blah." i looked on google and couldnt find anything
Posted by Sami 23rd June, 2003

There are some links for extentions sites in the CT forum (look down) . anyway , here's the url :
Posted by Sami 23rd June, 2003

I'm using TGF . How the heck am I supposed to do ? What should I do with the extention (renaming it as dmc2.gox and placing it in the TGF directory won't help )
Posted by Robert100chat 23rd June, 2003

I don't get it i downloaded the cncs file but it said it could not open it even though i have the latest win zip. Help.
Posted by Sami 23rd June, 2003

The file is prpobly corrupted or it wasn't downloaded completely . go to CT forum and in the archives search for "dmc" . I found one in a guitar example . My problem is what am I supposed to do with the file in order for the game to use it ?
Posted by HOSJ 23rd June, 2003

I dont get all these problems. It works fine for me.
Posted by Da Green Gnome 24th June, 2003

Nice game.. Can you make own avatar in it? I didn't try it yet. ^^
Posted by Da Green Gnome 24th June, 2003

Why is there no players. :(
Posted by Nobuyuki 26th June, 2003

This game requires BASS.DLL and CNCS232.DLL which most klikkers should all have. Otherwise, visit our website for the runtimes. If you want to play online, I suggest you schedule an appointment with a friend, (that's how it's always been done) but I added a lobby just in case you people don't have friends and want to wait for someone to come online to play with XD
Posted by HOSJ 7th July, 2003

Yes you can make your own avatar.
Posted by Joey Drasal 3rd December, 2004

For some reason i can not connect to server???? Can some one help me!!!
Posted by Jack Galilee 3rd December, 2004

Its dead buddie, thats why the games dead, I used to play this all the time, And still do ocasionally, but the Online component of the game is DEAD
Posted by Teapot 3rd December, 2004

Wow, this game rocks, fix the server dude.
Posted by Kris 5th December, 2004

KONICHIWA NOBU-KUN!!!!! ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;; o.O But yeah, fun game
Posted by Iv4n 7th December, 2004

Too bad we can't play on-line :(.
Posted by Iv4n 7th December, 2004

Btw I find myself on a situation where blue is on a turn, but he he can't make it, 'cause the red one is blocking his way to the last one free block..... Does anyone ever try Assimilation by Small Rockets?





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