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Hookshot Mika!
Author: Nobuyuki Submitted: 12th October, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 300

After a very long (and arduous) month of coding and drawing, I have finally released Hookshot Mika, my Natomic Celphone compo entry, to the public. Hookshot Mika Pocket is a Pang clone (AKA "Super Buster Bros.") with a twist.

Mika is an inventor who tinkers with her projects in her junkyard. One day, she was hit on the head by a rather large object that had fallen from the sky. Soon, thousands of these satellite objects started falling all over the city. Mika quickly invented a new weapon to combat these pests -- a special hookshot that would burst their hard shell! Time will tell what surprises await her on the journey to reclaim her junkyard...

* * *


* 50 Levels
* Custom Level Editor
* Online High Score board
* Celphone applet with 4 different sizes (1x,2x,3x,fullscreen)
* Fully animated intro!
* Animated cutscenes between every stage
* Lots of cool items and special tiles to encounter!

* * *

When you've done all you want do in Hookshot Mika, there's still some extras waiting for you on the project page, like the official storyboard drawn to demonstrate the animated intro, really neat large versions of the character sheets used in the game's cutscenes, and a BBS where you can post your custom levels for others to enjoy.

For more information and help using HSMP, read the README.TXT file on the site or with the download. There's also more screenshots on the official project page. Enjoy!

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Posted by Nobuyuki 13th October, 2003

Before anyone asks any questions of me, PLEASE read the readme first. I spent a while answering common questions regarding issues with the game.
Posted by Pkeod 13th October, 2003

Posted by CYS 14th October, 2003

Great game this is.
Posted by citizen[Ac] 14th October, 2003

this game is fun and addictive and by the looks of it going to be the winner of a small natomic forum contest. great job nobu.
Posted by Dogzer 14th October, 2003

hey, whoever made this game should definitevily sell it to the phone companies!
Posted by Nobuyuki 14th October, 2003

I'm gettin' a lot of thumbs down from people -- does anyone mind telling me why that is so that I might be able to improve the game?
Posted by The Podunkian 14th October, 2003

Yeah it'd be more fun if the bubble movement didn't suck and if the platform engine wasn't so buggy. I gave up playing after the 1st level.
Posted by Nobuyuki 14th October, 2003

I think that I might release a version soon with a different type of collision for the "buggy" block you mention. I should let anyone considering downloading know that this problem will probably not affect gameplay of the built-in levels because they were specifically designed to avoid the "atan block" collision problem which I mentioned in the FAQ. So don't be afraid to download, the bugs in the engine are negligable to gameplay currently :)
Posted by vortex2 14th October, 2003

Coding is good, like how the balls split up, and good use of window shape. The saving part of this game is you said it was a cell phone game, as they usually have really bad graphics. however, if this was not a cell phone game, then the blocky blurry graphics are a downside. keep up the good work :P. Oh, and why do you make it so you cant view the credits without beating the game? why do you think it is a special feature?
Posted by Kris 15th October, 2003

superfun awesomecool ^^;;;;
Posted by Kris 15th October, 2003

PS. you could improve it by letting the game continue when you switch to fullscreen instead of restarting it (That took me by suprise while i was half-way through a level)
Posted by Nobuyuki 15th October, 2003

Vortex: If you beat the game you'd know that it would spoil the ending ;) Kris: Sub-application limitation. It cannot be resized at runtime.
Posted by Kris 15th October, 2003

oh well, nevermind then
Posted by Strife 15th October, 2003

Coo coo pretty cooooool. Although it seems more like a Game Boy game than a cell phone game. ;) By the way, how do you skip the intro at the beginning? Every time I start the program I have to sit through the entire thing... Imagine Hookshot Mika 2, the non-cell phone version, with cool graphics! :D
Posted by RaitoKi Ano-Sama 15th October, 2003

i get a nece big error about some dmc2 dill file or something...could not find it in your zip file...Help!!
Posted by Kris 15th October, 2003

Strife: Press Esc... It says that in the readme...
Posted by Pkeod 15th October, 2003

you need bass.dll (didnt you read the readme???)
Posted by Dogzer 15th October, 2003

I think the intro rules.. Im going to change my thumb down to thumb up right now
Posted by Pkeod 15th October, 2003
Posted by Cazra 16th October, 2003

The idea of the game was very neat. The game would probably be better if there were passwords for each area.
Posted by Nobuyuki 17th October, 2003

The game saves after each area so passwords aren't nessecary. Adding passwords would only open the door for people who don't want to play the game to skip all the levels. Nay to that :) Press up/down at select area screen to choose a level.
Posted by Felix 19th October, 2003

There is an impossible level in Junkyard where two medium balls are trapped in the top left corner.
Posted by Nobuyuki 21st October, 2003

Felix: Those blocks are breakable. Did you try shooting them? o____O
Posted by Strife 22nd October, 2003

Uhhh, what is the Adventure mode? And how do I play my custom levels??
Posted by Dogzer 22nd October, 2003

shut up Strife.. u are a piece of shit I hope u die
Posted by Echisketch(PS) 20th April, 2004

stfu dogzer, you cat molestor. Good game nobu. But the movement feels "restrictive." somehow. Its probably the slow movement, and the un-strafeable ladders.





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