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Soccer Freak! Vitalized
Author: Nobuyuki Submitted: 27th June, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Sport Downloads: 222

It's back! The game people either love or hate, Soccer Freak would probably be best described as the videogame version of hacky sack or as you english football people call it, "kickups". Simple, yet addicting gameplay, Soccer Freak has now returned thanks to the power of the VCade and Josh Whelchel's ModFX3 with an all new scoreboard and several never-before heard tunes in this game!

If you enjoyed the first time, this time around won't be any less enjoyable. All the fluff has been trimmed down to a simple, effective game with no options to have to mess around with.

Program/concept: Nobuyuki
Music: Virt, Beek, Wave, Seffren, Radix, Jelly, Nagz, Zabutom, and Nobuyuki.
Art: Nobuyuki / Podunkian

Special thanks to the testers, VCade, TwiTerror, and extension creators Light and Andrew Mather!

Note: Some screenshots from standalone version (notably, high score submit still has country code).

Thank you for downloading. Please enjoy, and as always, impressions welcome.

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Posted by Nobuyuki 27th June, 2004

Once again you still need to PRESS start with your mouse, but I had it not be apparantly obvious because there's a full blown attract-mode (that's arcade speak for demonstration frames)
Posted by Pkeod 27th June, 2004

You should have done this like ten years ago Nobu.
Posted by AndyUK 27th June, 2004

Nice, very arcadey i never played the stand alone version.
Posted by Lelle 28th June, 2004

It's a game much like this on "". But this one is much harder! It's fun!
Posted by Nobuyuki 28th June, 2004

This game was originally created in 2002, I'm afraid I never seen the homestarrunner version
Posted by CYS 28th June, 2004

I'm in the top 10 list! But i know i'll be beaten in no time. :P
Posted by J.A.P 28th June, 2004

Very nice work Nobuyuki ^_^
Posted by ChrisB 28th June, 2004

grr, I got 33 and it crashed :'(
Posted by ChrisB 28th June, 2004

A WINNER IS ME! I got 76, and in under a minute :P Nice game but the physics aren't too solid (you can move the mouse down into the ball and it will still go up, for example)
Posted by Nobuyuki 28th June, 2004

branch: I added that feature on purpose, who kicks down in kickups? XD A vertical velocity is always imparted on the ball, to make sure it goes up.
Posted by Nobuyuki 28th June, 2004

Added some new features, because I love you. 1. Left clicking accelerates the high score board, while right clicking goes back. Middle click stops movement. 2. Hovering mouse over dates on high score board makes them easier to read.
Posted by Pkeod 28th June, 2004

I love you too.
Posted by ChrisB 29th June, 2004

Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 29th June, 2004

Wow, I enjoyed this even though I hate sports games! :D
Posted by Mr Coffee 30th June, 2004

I like low carb pizza.
Posted by Pkeod 30th June, 2004

yay for low carb pizzzaaa! @w@
Posted by defenestrator 30th June, 2004

I got 5! And cured my erectile dysfunction! Thank you!





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