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Neko Gamestation
Author: Nobuyuki Submitted: 27th December, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Retro Downloads: 156

Neko Gamestation is an application used for playing small compressed games, called NekoCards. Games can be developed by MMF developers using the KES Creation kit, which is distributed seperately on our website ( ). The following features are currently supported:

* Totally self-contained compressed NekoCard file format. (no external MODs or pics required!)
* Customizable PCM quality rate for slower computers
* Full Screen automatic modes (Alt+Enter)
* Automatic Card registration via the -register switch
* KES Tags which contain Author and contact info!

The following features are planned:

* Fix Joystick support
* Online High Scoring system in KES file format
* Fix Full Screen support and zoomed window modes
* Dynamic Plugin archetecture via plugins folder, removing the dependancy of NGS to contain the application's required plugins
* MMF2 Cross-platform support on PocketPC and more ..?

This is the initial release version of NGS, and as such, it has a share of bugs, which are (somewhat) documented in the Readme file, as well as some other tips on how to use it. The current release version of NGS is 1.0. The current Neko256 core engine is build 1.

NGS comes bundled with two cards, Spore and URBE. You can download more games at the official NekoCard site located at . If you have developed a new NekoCard game and are interested in getting an official seal of approval, please contact us. Enjoy!

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Posted by Phredreeke 29th December, 2002

that's quite interesting...
Posted by The Chris Street 29th December, 2002

Is this meant to be a bit like that E-Card reader thing that Nintendo are working on?
Posted by HardshouldeR 29th December, 2002

Man these guys are clever...its amazing
Posted by HardshouldeR 29th December, 2002

But I can't find the KES.EXE (KES Creation Kit)needed to make ones own NekoCards, anyone know where to get it?
Posted by Nobuyuki 29th December, 2002

Yes, look on our website under Projects -> Games. The download should be right beside NGS. The reason I made it hard to find is because I want people to read the description associated because this is the production version I used to create all the NekoCards up until today. It's not really suitable for the general public yet, so any problems you run into are totally not my issue! ;)
Posted by Kamakazekrazyklown 29th December, 2002

Ugh, it gives me an error saying it can't find the dmc2.cox, which is odd because I do have it. I even did a search for it and put the thing in the same folder, with no success.
Posted by Nobuyuki 29th December, 2002

put the thing in your windows system directory jellobrains. The working folder is not located in the same folder you extracted NGS to, therefore that won't work. That's also why you should never rely on cncs232.dll in a folder other than winSys, so why do people do that with BASS? Sorry if nobody was clear on that issue beforehand.
Posted by Nobuyuki 29th December, 2002

P.S. I thought about it for a while to make the NGS folder an environmental $PATH variable on the windows system, but I thought that the same dopes who couldn't figure out the plugin limitations of this initial release would be the same ones who wouldn't like their system being invaded like that. So, I'd like to know what people would prefer. Would you like for all plugins to be supported via the system path, or do you guys want me to figure out a whole routine to get plugins into the current NekoCard's working folder? The latter would require much more research because MMF's scratch folder naming routine is undocumented...
Posted by skatekid 5th March, 2003

Did you just uze the zip-it and unzip-it objects???
Posted by Nobuyuki 18th March, 2003

several objects were used, zip-it was used in particular to put all the files into one cabinet, since it was the easiest object to do this. It also provides some extra compression.





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