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Chicken (demo)
Author: Dr. James MD Submitted: 8th December, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 95

Edited By Jay (NewKlear) on 7/19/2004

Edited By jay white on 1/31/2004

Very wierd game in which you catch chickens! collect power ups to help you. only a demo with 2 worlds (10 levels) this will get finished sometime soon, after xmas.

any comments appreciated!

wide range of characters with different stats
6 cuddly chickens
10 levels (demo)
will have a virtual pet style thing
2 'weapons'
bonus items

full version expected Xmas. that will feature;
-7 worlds, each with 5 levels in them
-an extra 7 worlds for the elite players who finish the game on hard
-story mode (also act as practice levels)
-unlockable characters
-easy, medium and hard game modes.
-Mode7 menu!

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Posted by DeadmanDines 9th December, 2003

These are really good games of yours that you're posting Jim, it's nice to see you giving the DC-ites a chance to play em. But try taking more time to write the descriptions and uploading screenshots, because people won't realise just how good these things are otherwise.
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 9th December, 2003

Woah!! 3 megs for a demo. I'll try it anyways although it'll take forever to download
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 9th December, 2003

Awesome game. It would be better if it told you the controls and how to play. At first, I thought you had to hold onto the chickens but then I figured out that I had to put them in the pen.
Posted by Dr. James MD 9th December, 2003

yea :) sorry about the lack of help file! so listen up; CTRL- attack with net/drop seeds Shift- swap net/seeds catch a chicken, throw it into the pen. or throw the chickens at each other ;) go on.. u know u wanna
Posted by Dr. James MD 10th December, 2003

im gonna finish this game off, seems like a lot of people (other communities) like this! just need to do 3 more worlds, a big map level thing and a virtual pet :D
Posted by cake 11th December, 2003

Haha hilarious fun. It's cool smashing the chicken against trees (yes my dad is a farmer :P). What's my qualm? The snow stages are SO annoying, that wind is impossible. Its like, sometimes I go slow when it's not blowing and fast when it is blowing...smells like a flag or value gone awry ;). I want more!
Posted by DeadmanDines 11th December, 2003

Don't forget to put the help file actually within the game. Most people won't read the readme before playing, and adding a how-to-play screen tends to give a little more professional look.
Posted by Dr. James MD 11th December, 2003

the finished version will have a Training mode... which is also a very easy version of the first 'Story' level the stop thingy is a bug, im squishing them in pure delight at the mo :D
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 11th December, 2003

Hmmm...Pretty good game. It has a weird storyline, but its pretty fun. :)
Posted by Ly 16th December, 2003

This is more like it :)
Posted by Dr. James MD 24th December, 2003

full game uploaded under the name Shikun! go all! and be free





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