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Titan Exodus
Author: Dr. James MD Submitted: 1st March, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 485

Edited By Jay (NewKlear) on 7/19/2004

Edited By jay white on 4/3/2004

**The original 2002 version of Titan Exodus.**

Its a run of the mill C64/Amiga inspired shmup. And for those who havnt played before the Titan Exodus/Genesis series runs like this;

You start a level that is impossible
Killing bad guys earns you points
Points are used like cash in the shop

The original version has no storyline as such, its just a basic shooter. but the new updated version features a cool story... which is nice.

Upgrades! About 6 weapons of them, 6 defence and 4 engine
Teamplay with CPU controlled co-pilots
6 pretty big and very difficult levels
Old skool gameplay


ps. the whole point of this upload is a kind of build up to Titan Exodus Alpha which should be released sometime this, or next, week.
EDIT: Sometime this YEAR

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Posted by Smeggy 1st March, 2004

Posted by Evil Monkey 1st March, 2004

Hey, that looks pretty good. :) Not bad at all. Downloading...
Posted by Dr. James MD 2nd March, 2004

aye it does go slow. but i released this a couple of years ago and it inspired a sequel from a 3rd party game maker. anyone seen Titan Exodus 2? it looks fookin gorgeous. probably will only interest C64 shmup fans
Posted by Rhys D 2nd March, 2004

Phizzy, obviously my parents were a huge fan of John Rhys-Davies and decided to name me USING his last name. Coincidentally, part of his last name was their last name, so it all worked out in the end. Let me go name myself using cool 'street' lingo, by replacing "f" with "ph" to look cool. Hopefully they can bring back Sliders and I will be able to slide myself into your mother's bed, once again.
Posted by Cazra 2nd March, 2004

looks like a good game. But for some reason, Windows XP has a problem with resizing the screen. It's no problem on MMF if you use change resolution. The first level was going really slowly.
Posted by Zane 2nd March, 2004

this morning i saw a truck that said "rhys davies" on the side. a bit of usless info for you there.
Posted by Pete Nattress 2nd March, 2004

works fine for me, maybe you should run in Win9X compatibility mode?
Posted by Astral_86 2nd March, 2004

OMG!!!! Downloading right away!!! :D:D:D:D Why so many thumbs down?? I hate people who do nothing but ruin...!! :(
Posted by Joe.H 2nd March, 2004

hey, phizzbucket, shut up! btw, this game is cool! nice work Jay
Posted by Astral_86 2nd March, 2004

This game runs OH-MY-GODINGLY slow on mah comp. -_-;; When stage 1 starts, there is a little cavehole in front of you. After like 3 minutes I enter it!!! O_O Playing this game not-lagging would be awesome... well, shit happens. Phizzy, please go. You're not appreciated here.
Posted by Cazra 2nd March, 2004

"works fine for me, maybe you should run in Win9X compatibility mode?" How do I do that?
Posted by Dr. James MD 2nd March, 2004

im not sure if i added this to the readme but to get the game to run under normal speed in XP simply right click the icon, properties, compatability, set colours to 256 and Win9x compatability mode. under that it should be fine :) when you close the game the colours and everything returns to normal
Posted by Evil Monkey 2nd March, 2004

The game runs perfectly here. Maybe you guys have terrible video cards. :P And I didn't have to set any settings at all.
Posted by cake 2nd March, 2004

This still remains my favourite klik game. Full stop. Though the new version will be appreciated for better speed and such, this old version is horribly slow at scrolling. Thank you for the praise on TE2 James ;):D
Posted by Kirby Smith 2nd March, 2004

Runs fine on my machine in XP w/o dinking with the compatability modes.
Posted by csharks 3rd March, 2004

good work's smooth in my machine.kool !!
Posted by renneF 3rd March, 2004

Biax's TE2 is at the top of my most wanted games list :D Try the demo and see what I mean :)
Posted by MegaPig 3rd March, 2004

Great game!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Louis Moon 3rd March, 2004

I myself don't like this game, I found it a bit boring and superficial.
Posted by Batchman 3rd March, 2004

a bit (a lot ?) fustrating ...
Posted by Harvy 3rd March, 2004

hehe... yeah, I died way more times from barely touching a wall than I ever did from enemies.
Posted by Dr. James MD 4th March, 2004

its meant to be solid. the new game is much easier... and has a save feature... :d
Posted by BUZIOL 6th March, 2004

ohhh, ehhh... i love Shoot 'Em Up, but this low resolution :-(
Posted by renkin 6th March, 2004

Funny game!
Posted by renneF 7th March, 2004

low res is the best!
Posted by Dr. James MD 7th March, 2004

most of my games are low-res 320x200. true to the amiga style i was brought up on
Posted by MIG2 9th March, 2004

I downloaded the game because i like old school shoot thems-up.Also Amiga 500 was a computer i loved.(Z-Out is one of my favourite games) Titan Exodus seems to be a good game but it's awfully slow on my computer.That is strange because the game runs on 320*200 screen. I think it's because it was made on TGF 32 with 16 millions colours. A 320*200 game will run correctly ( with full screen) on most of computers if : -It's made on TGF 16 bits --256 colours -It's made on MMF --256 colours with the Direct X option. If you use 16 millions colours only the computers with a strong GFX card, will support the game correctly. The game allows the gamepad's play , that is a very good point :) playing a shoot them up with the keyboard it's an heresy.
Posted by Realm 11th March, 2004

I don't like 1-hit kills, and I kept running into the narrow walls...A buffer system would be appreciated in a sequel...
Posted by Dr. James MD 12th March, 2004

In the shop theres an item called the Ground Shield, cheapest 'other' upgrade. it prevents background collisions.
Posted by cake 12th March, 2004

Realm: What do you mean by a buffer option? TE2 also has ground shield. :)






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