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Catalyst Sigma
Author: Dr. James MD Submitted: 15th April, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Retro Downloads: 198

Edited By Jay (NewKlear) on 7/19/2004

Based upon an older game of mine; Catalyst Sigma follows the same gameplay but at an all new angle, quite litterally.

Your ship always moves left and you must fly through a meteor shower type thing. Avoid the meteors, collect the red gems! simple as.

Unlike the old game you have much more control over your ship. Pressing up increases thrust, pressing down will slow you down. however this effects the number of meteors so watch out! Also holding shift will speed up the left/right movement of your ship; a good dodging technique.

This took only 2 hours to make, all graphics and [experimental] music made by moi. Please note one of the tracks contains swearing so kids should watch out.

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Posted by Pkeod 15th April, 2004

ugh... sounds are verrrry annoying x(
Posted by Teapot 16th April, 2004

ok where is my ship?
Posted by Teapot 16th April, 2004

o i get it i need to extract
Posted by Teapot 16th April, 2004

Love it jay!
Posted by Teapot 16th April, 2004

Great music and random python effects! I laugh in ur general direction.





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