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Death of the World
Author: James Luke Submitted: 21st August, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Real Time Strategy Downloads: 185

Edited By James Luke on 8/22/2009

Death of the World was a project of mine from a wile ago to see if it was possible to make a large RTS game. it was to hard to make buildings as well but i managed large scale combat and it works quite well. its a bit like triumph war if you now of that game. Its up to 4 player and you play by walking around and firing your gun at enemys. There are lots of different levels and settings and you get tanks as the game gets later on. Have fun!

You are on one team and in this war there are 2 teams and you have to fight the evil blue team you can tell who people are by the color above their head. You must destroy their tents to stop them from respawning and then you must kill them all to complete and win the level!

The game isn't very good but its nice and long and i finished it so ill release the sequel once ive finished off the last bits of it please post feedback and ill add it into the sequel

Oh and the bouncy square is the lucky thing that spawns people from tents if it hits them!


Player 1 - WASD , VB

but you shodnt need more than 2??

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Posted by 0ko 22nd August, 2009 do you discharge your weapon?
Comment edited by oko on 8/22/2009
Posted by James Luke 28th August, 2009

its not fare i make games and i spend a long time making them then no one downloads them or gives me feedback and the controls are in the description
Posted by Marko 31st August, 2009

This looks quite interesting actually though it won't play for me for some reason






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