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Death of the World 2
Author: James Luke Submitted: 22nd August, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Real Time Strategy Downloads: 188

Edited By James Luke on 8/25/2009

Edited By James Luke on 8/22/2009

After a months work i finished DOTW2 and here it is! it has better graphics than the original and the levels are much larger. the AI is much better and its a longer game too with over 10 different levels and gun upgrades. Play multiplayer against the evil people! if you want a storyline then here it is

You change colour to the blue team to confuse them but unluickily they do the same back and now your in the same situation as before only reversed! take over the island and stop them from inventing the ULTIMATE weapon!

Customize them with ctrl y

choose the person for the camra to follow with 1234 on the keyboard!

i hope you enjoy this game its quite hard but you respawn after some time

its an isometric shooter with 4 player support and there are large armys and battles and you must win by shooting the enemys and the aim is to kill everyone to advanse to the next level. it took me a month to make and i know its not perfect but its a quick blast and its possible to complete it with out dying and if you do manage that then tell me and ill be very impressed!

Warning it gets hard towards the end when the enemys invent lasers that can kill you instantly

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Posted by Knudde (Shab) 22nd August, 2009

Perhaps a better description is in order here? From your description this game could be anything.
Posted by James Luke 25th August, 2009

whys no one downloading
Posted by -Dark Martin- 30th August, 2009

Well no offence but the game has no appeal to it... whatsoever...

Keep practicing and then upload something with some cool graphics and gameplay style and then people will download it.

I can't offer much better advice than that unfortunatly but people aren't gonna want to download or play a game with a style like that.

Start simple and progress from there okay mate?
Posted by James Luke 31st August, 2009

what i dont understand? i have pictures and everything whats rong with them? how do you know it has no gameplay if you havnt played it?





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