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Soldier Men 1
Author: James Luke Submitted: 18th June, 2020 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 102

hello everyone ive been very bisy for a while but i played the command and conker remake and i liked it so much i thort id make a new game of my own. i proudly presnet SOLDIER MEN 1.

i want it to be like command and conker but for the mileniel generation. it has exiting new gameplay with lots of shooting and blood.

the ai is clever and will look and shoot at you and try and kil lthe tents and wont rest until the baddys are dead. there is a good story with some sad bits but also good bits like when you attack a volcano. i wont spoil the end but its good i promise and its the start of a trilegy. i hope you enjoy it!!!

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Posted by hugobros3 28th June, 2020
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great prequel but why still use fusion instead you could spent 10 year learning the REAL programming and 3D Graphics to make no game in the end. ? only developeing engine for satiesafction u could have raytracing and 4K+++ with C++ for exemple thoo
Posted by James Luke 29th June, 2020

yeh i did thjink of using raytracing and dlss to make the game better but a bad workmen blames his tools and i thought hmm why not make graffics better so that everyone can engoy them so thats what ive done





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