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Review: Eternal Daughter
Author: Crystal Clear (H.E.S)
Added: 23/11/2002

Eternal Daughter ey... well i heard about this game when i was reading posts under a game called "Red Fued". and when i downloaded it, it took me around 3hrs to download. but it was worth it, by the way i know theres tons of other reviews but the ones that give it 10/10 is the ones that give you the right score for the game!!!!!

never seen em as good. you can tell just by the detail of the graphics and Animations that there was alot of hard work put into this games graphics. i mean most people get ripped gfx like me. but these are original and Damn good to.

well again another thing great in the game is music. most tunes are quite catchy. and they suit the locations in the game. the Sound effects (SFX) were also great.

well this is the thing that makes this game. myself i have played over an hour and im about 25% complete. id probably say that it would take me 6hrs to finish the game. you coul play this for ever and ever. it would last about 10x longer then a normal klik game. and just let everyone know in my opinion and most of you that knows a good click game well this is by far the best click game ever. i have said that about a few other games but this deserves more then a 10.


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