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Review: Eternal Daughter
Author: Joshtek
Added: 21/06/2002

I heard about this years ago, after I forgot about it, there it was!

Beutifull music but needs more sound effects

Nice, but after resizing on my screen (17inch) looks a bit blocky, could have been made higher res

All dialog and menus are good (except the ingame pause which is mediocre) and the beggining intro is pretty good but does not introduce you to the game, but the beggining of the game is beter at that

Just a good well thought out platformer, but pretty fun except it has no easy setting

Itll take agres to finnish due to its difficulty, needs more modes of difficulty so you can play it again harder after you complete it on 'newbie'

Nothing is so great about anything (except maybe the music) but nothing is 'lacking' except a difficulty setting (that would have seriously ruled!)


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