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Review: Eternal Daughter
Author: The Chris Street
Added: 21/06/2002

After being in development for two years or so, this is finally out. It's almost very surreal to see the COMPLETE game on my hard drive, but there it is. It is what Zelda was on the N64, what Halo is on the X-box. Those two games were landmark games for their respective consoles, and Eternal Daughter is a landmark game for klik. By far and away the best klik game ever made. Other games pale into insignifiance compared to this, and you would never have believed it possible to create such an awesomely and well structured game with Multimedia Fusion. I'm sure that we were all expecting this game to be pretty good, along with that other unreleased game, Chaos Gate. Both have the same RPG style, yet Eternal Daughter takes that style and adds varnish and great gameplay. There aren't enough superlatives to describe this game, there is so much substance to it.

The story is incredibly deep and involving; Blackeye must have spent many sleepless nights trying to come up with something, and the quality shows. You control Mia, a girl (a first for a click game, I think, having a female as the main lead in a platform game) who wants to discover herself, so to speak. And the game starts off with one of the most beautiful cut-scenes I've ever seen. It leads and paves the way for an epic adventure; granted, a very hard adventure, like Spazz said in his review, but there are so few klik games that offer challenge these days, or at least "fair challenge".

In fact, it probably is a bit too hard, but not unfairly hard. You always feel you can crack the dilema you're stuck in if you think hard enough. Most of the enemies and bosses have attack patterns, and its just a case of waiting for the right time to strike.

To counter this difficulty, ED has a feature where you can increase your health bar, and by accident, I found a secret room in the forest (underneath the tall tree trunk *hint*) which gave me the first health bar increase. I haven't found any more yet. The enemies are innovative and very well animated and drawn. A frog thing holding a crossbow and shoots out a long tongue is the first boss you'll encounter, although its not essential that you beat him (I don't think it is, anyway, I havent actually killed him yet, lol). And the general mushroom population are detailed and small, and later you get bats (evil basts) who are extremely hard to hit, and rock scorpion type creatures who can take an absolute pummeling.

The music is very well composed, and the sound effects are nice, if perhaps a little annoying. Each area has its own ditty, and the songs can be quite catchy.

Graphically, well, it goes without saying really, that this is probably the best looking klik game out at the moment. Each character is animated well, and the whole game is well up to a Snes or possibly Playstation standard.

There are a couple of flaws; one, I mentioned, was that its possibly too hard. The other, is that in some areas, there is so much stuff happening that the screen slows down (for me, anyway). Its a very small price to pay, however.

There is no other game like this at the moment. If you haven't downloaded it, then I strongly advise you do. You'll be missing out on a wonderful experience. And if you do complete the game, then you'll be left with happy memories. Praise the Lord for Blackeye Software.


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