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Review: Eternal Daughter
Author: Psyklon Soft
Added: 10/08/2002

Eternal Daughter

The thing that caught me was the graphics. The gampelay, if you think of the game with bad GFX, isn't the best, but it's still very good. I would NEVER say it's the best Klik game ever, but it is very good. The difficulty is WAAAAY too high, but it evens out. Observe:

The game is hard. But the graphics, music, and layout are great. If the game was easy, it would be a waste. The difficulty is hard, but to make the game was MUCH harder.


The graphics and animation are great, they are beyond other Klik graphics. The graphics aren't to cluttered and dark, like LOX, but appealing to the eye and very well animated.


Pondunkian and the guy that gave ED a one should listen. The storyline is the bomb, and it would take many sleepless nights to come up with it. It pulls you in, it's full of action, and vaguely dark. The storyline is uber, and gives the game an extra four points.

Music and Sound

The music is awesome. The sound could be much better. Enough said.


WOW!!!!!! The cutscenes are INCREDIBLE! The opening cutscene is nearly PERFECT, it pulls you in, everything happens with the music, and, basically, IT JUST BLOWS YOU AWAY! The other cutscenes are great, just brilliant.


The game is good. I t has some ups and downs, and I may recommend this game.


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