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Review: Eternal Daughter
Author: Spydaman
Added: 27/06/2002

Eternal Daughter!
One of the most anticipated games in Klik history finally arrived last week. I was quite proud to have been the 1st person to discover it and break the news in #K&P and hoped to be the 1st to beat the game. No luck .

You play as Mia, a young girl intended to be born into a peacefull world of wonder but instead born into slavery, her town now under the rule of the Dungaga. Making use of her strange magical abilities, Mia escapes captivity, intent on freeing her people and so the quest begins.

Cool eh? Whilst the story may sound typical and unoriginal to some, the intro provides enough mystery and questions to intice the player such as the identity of Mia's father who abandoned her and her mother. But we'll come back to the story later.

Well. Where to start on the presentation. Upon start up, you are presented with a beautiful title screen, wonderfully coloured and laid out in a manner which is pleasing to the eye. The in game graphics are superb and highly detailed with each sprite smoothly animated. One of the best things about Derek Yu's style is it's simplicity whether it be the number of colours or the animations. Some people have complained that the walking animations are simply one step being taken and repeated, making the character look more like someone just snapped one of their legs in to but due to the animations of the upper body, this isn't that noticable and quite a usefull technique for animating a character wearing a dress. The bosses are mouthwatering at the least from the big bowed frog to the big bad bastard Baphomet. Great stuff. Another of this games strong points graphically is the presentation of the cutscenes. It doesn't use fancy CG art or anything, everything is in game graphics which takes away a the linear feel of most platformers. The way certain scenes are edited together is also intruiging, like in the intro when the birdseye view of the forest switches to a view inside the forest. What struck me about is was the way the forest tiles were laid out. As it faded between the two frames, the tiles seemed to be in exactly the same relative place which I thought was clever. This sorta effect is repeated again much later on in the game.

For me personally, the gameplay was great. I haven't had so much fun playing a game in a LONG time. The engine is fairly solid although a few of it's bugs do hinder the gameplay such as being hit by an enemie and falling off ledges into another enemy. The difficulty level has been scandelous to say the least yet it is one of the games features that appeals to me most. Games nowadays IMO are too easy and ED offers a welcome change, I mean, it took me longer to beat this then it did Sonic Adventure which I say is an achievement. Mia has quite a few nifty moves ranging from her standard swipe which can be upgraded to become more powerfull, to her charged up fireball, throwable weapons and aerial moves. Moves such as the slides are great for evading bosses and every move and weapon has it's use, esspecially the forks which can be used as platforms. One of the repetitive features of the game is all the backtracking that needs to be done and the lack of explanation of where certain things are. Having to keep returning to a level you hate isn't a very inviting prospect.

For me, this is the weakest aspect of the game. I was kinda dissapointed by the lack of involvement and development of character. The story starts off quite promising but seems to develop several holes in it as time progresses. There also could have been a wider cast of characters and I think Mia definately could have done with some human companionship. Characters that seemed would become more present in Mia's simply vanished only to reappear for the final showdown. It bit more information on the different races would've been nice, maybe something about their history such as why the Dungaga need to wear mechanised armor and why the Grodol prefer to live underground. I felt that about halfway through, the story had become less RPG orientated and more Mission like with Mia returning to the Shulin then being told to go here, then go there, then go back etc etc. and it got a little boring. The climax however made up for alot of this. Quite a touching ending and a cool twist saved at least some of the plot although more characters, a few friends and companions for Mia and more on the different races would've been welcome.

Sound is very important to me in games. Not so much the sound fx although odd or loud sounds can be very annoying an repetitive. Luckily, ED doesn't have this problem. All the sfx, as far as I could tell, were original and unique. I esspecially like the weird chant the last of the Three Riders did when doing the pillar move. The music in this game is phenomenal! Brilliant stuff thats fits all the situations perfectly and really sets the mood of the game. If the game had had crappy music, it most likely wouldn't have appealed to me as much esspecially seeing as it has a large RPG element to it.

Considering the game tookme over 7 hours to finish I'd say it lasts and not just for a klik game. As i already mentioned, it lasted me longer then Sonic Adventure, much longer the MGS and a bazillion times longer then your average klik game but of course this is no average klik game. Although 7 hours is nothing by RPG standards, it's pretty good for a platformer. Also there's the prospect of finding all the secrets, moves and hearts which add to the whole replay value of the game. I'd probably play the game from start to finish again just to see how quickly I can do it or to collect everything I missed out. So the game will definetly last you a good while and I could definetly see myself playing it again some time from now.

So overall, Eternal Daughter is a great game by klik standards and a cool game by general standards. Great coding, brilliant graphics and an excellent sound track make for a coolio gaming package yet not without it's flaws. The high difficulty level may put off most but you'll find it highly rewarding when you reach your goal. Recommended.


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