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Review: Eternal Daughter
Author: Heriberto Valle Martinez
Added: 13/09/2002

Eternal Daughter is a game that outstands because of itīs quality, quality not just because of itīs consistent design, great presentation and solid gameplay.
Klik games have never been really outstanding, (some small exceptions only), and this is a good example and inspiration about how a good klik game should be (not talking about platforms, but about quality).
The game itself is too hard, but thatīs ovbiously not something for taking points off. Truth is if it had difficulty settings it would have been more enjoyable, but thatīs the programmers choice.
The introduction is very well done and gets along with itīs music, wich is very good too, the controls are nice and sturdy, with a gameplay closely resembling the clssic Castelvania: symphony of the night. IT manages to bring that fuzzy console feel to the pc.
The Story is alright, itīs not "deep" as some people describe it but itīs not bad either,ībut truth is that having an average story in a platform game is alright, platform games are not exactly remembered for their "deep" story.
Itīs a great game, and an example to follow, and shows us that klik users still can do great things.


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