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Review: Eternal Daughter
Author: MIG2
Added: 19/08/2003

Take wonder boy 3/5 , castlevania symphony of the night shake it and you will obtain ETERNAL DAUGHTER.

90% of the time clik games ,are games made in 45 min with titles like that ..."Me and my friend john, versus the banana king" "my teacher is a bastard".with no real programming ,graphics ,life time 3 min,etc..
A lot of games like that pollute the click sites
and the "real good games" are lost among them.
ETERNAL DAUGHTER was a very good surprise.

It seems that the game needed a lot of time to be finished,maybe years ...
It's not an improvised game ,I'am sure a solid story board was created before programming on computer.The result is a real good game...

The one who created this game know what is a GOOD GAME .Graphics are exellent , with a japanese/8-16
bits games style,and well chosen colors.
Mia's controling is perfect , she get a lot of specials moves during the game wich are easy to use.The engine in general is very complex and you will forget that ED is a click game while playing it.
The scenario is good,the game unfolding is very well thinked (you need that to go there)you can find a lot of heart containers,weapons
The completed percentage is a good idea ( must be hard to do since the game is not linear.
upgrades,skills ......( i think global values and INI objects was used a lot in this game).
The game map is really perfect,The different places are not too short not too long,graphics are very varied ,thanks to that you are never lost , you always know where you are and where to go.
Monsters have a lot of animations , each die with a specific way.The boss monsters are well done, they use various attacks and moves .... a lot of work ...
musics fits the game very well , they remind me the AMIGA's games.
life time is great you need at least 7:37 Hours (it's my time)to see the ending sequence.That one is really great,( I think the final sequence, with Mia's statue is inspired from actraiser 2,good model)..concerning the "inspiration" i also think that "poochie"came from the simpsons and "baphomet" from the templars history.
ED is exellent nevertheless some "bad points" must be enlighted. the joypad plays is not totally completed , you need to push cntrl on the keyboard to pass the some ares the game is slow on old computers...And of course everyone spoke about that the difficulty:That game is very hard, most of the time 2 or 3 ennemies blows send you to the heavens.f the game was not so good i gave up it at 5%.
But i don't want to finish on bad points.that game is maravellous , a lot of "proffessionals games"details ( for exemple,the plant wich eat and throw you in the lake is a part of a boss you will meet later on the game,etc..)
Concerning the "proffessionals games" ED is also better than thousands of them.

After playing this game i looked after other games from the same author "blackeye" but i not found . ED is the only game of black eye,who cares, the most important is not quantity but quality.

Congratulation to the blackeye team,you're game is fantastic ,i could have bought it 10 years ago when SNES and GENESIS ruled.

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