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Review: Eternal Daughter
Author: Paul_James
Added: 02/07/2002

Well it was three years in the making and i can still remember one of the first people's comments on blackeye software when the Blind Project (code name for Eternal Daughter before the title was no longer tentative) was first introduced (WTF? what happened to Trigger Happy 2- oh that was me lol Well either way what a wait- i remember watching their little progress chart - and now its out - well happy playing. right.

Graphix - A year ago their was an explosion in the amount of RPG platformer projects - ED; The Chaos Gate; Lord of the Rings, etc., And the best one graphix wise was The Chaos Gate. I wasnt really too impressed by the screenshots Blackeye was first supplying. They were choppy and not the best of Blackeye. However, Derek must have removed the Gimp from chewing on the monitor - because the graphix this time around are sharp. All the animations are superb even if they dont make sense like Mia's talking animation - Is she giving me a rasberry??? Plus the animations and the graphix movement are smooth. not to mention in coordination.

Gameplay - Alot of criticism has hit this game for being tooo hard; well i say WTF - im just glad this game isnt too easy. Also its long-lasting; it says ive only been playing 4 2 and 1/2 hours; but i think i put more like 10 hours or so in 1 day cauze i keep dying. Hey i got frustrated when Hume owned me for the 75th time but hey - once i beat him it was an accomplishment- it felt better than winning a gold medal at the olympics. and any klik game that can capture that accomplishment should never be criticized for being too hard it should rather be acclaimed for being difficult. I just cant wait to see the ending - it BETTA BE GOOD
oh yea and i just hit 50% so im doing real good now.


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