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Review: Eternal Daughter
Author: Tockus
Added: 30/06/2002

Ok, 21 reviews, what could i possibly add?

Well not much. I wanted to say just how good this game was. It up there with Castlevania. But not quite. Blackeye- I seriously suggest taking this to Codemasters or something as this would make killer GBA game,which people would buy. You would make loads.


The sountrack is a Sonic beater. Its absolutely fantastic up among there with the best SNES games and it fits perfectly into the pace and theme of the game. The sound effects could do with a little work though, which is a little bad. But Blackeye just get away with it.

presentatio.............hhh nice
The graphics are too good. They are fantastic and the animation is great. Probably graphically the best klik game ever. The intro and the menu screen just set what is store for the rest of the game, fantaticasnessness. I know thats not a word.

and a little extra

Mario had it, Sonic had it Crash Bandicoot lacked it. That little extra. That kazam, that blamo that something that cannot be described without using a series of onomatapaic words. It has a soul.

I think the fact that this game is so hard adds to the lastability, I certainly keep comming back for more. No matter how many times i keep getting killed.
Only quarm is maybe the enimies sould bounce away when you hit them.


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