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Review: Fishhead 3
Author: Spram
Added: 19/03/2003

The screenshots is what made me download this game, the graphis are really impressive, the mix between the "hand-drawn" and 3D graphics is so perfect that you wont notice. The only problem with the graphcis is that the backgrounds are too detailed, yes, it looks good, but some foreground objects (like bombs) will sometime be difficult to see.

The gameply has been done before and it's similar to the old shareware Commander Keen games in which you must collect keys to open door. But unlike the commander keen games, the levels in Fishead3 are not big enough to become annoying. The levels are the appropiate size.

Enemies can be a little unfair, the spear-weilding armored soldier can give you some cheap kills when you jump over him and the bombs that are in every level look like flowers, and are difficult to spot, but the rest are fine, you have limited ammo to dispatch this guys but there is always some extra ammo lying somewhere.

The level variety is pretty good, while ALL levels require you to find all 3 keys and hit at least 2 switches, there are some fun "driving" levels between the worlds. They are pretty similar to the mine-cart levels in Donkey Kong Country. Different themed worlds dont really bring many differences to the gameplay (except for conveyor belts and other assorted details) but the game never feels repetitive.

The game includes a wonderful tutorial, written instructions and a pointless, yet fun, minigame for two players that plays like a very simple "Scorched Earth". It doesn't have to do anything with the rest of the game, but it's a neat addition and it's very well done.

The music is both very very good and bad, why? The music is original, and fits the themes of the levels, which makes it good. BUT, it feels very mellow and gives the game a sad feeling that doesn't go well with the bright colorful graphics and weird humor. I cannot complain since it is better when a game has original music even if it feels slightly off.

The plataformer engine is custom and good, even if it feels a little loose and takes some getting used to.

So there, this is a fun, short game with just the right amount of challenge and great great great graphics, I recommend it.

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