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Review: Fishhead 3
Author: Mitch M
Added: 01/05/2003

ImageOke. I just wanted to review this game because it's one of the best platformers I’ve ever seen on DC. This game’s creator is good at graphics and 3D Studio Max. He used 3D Studio Max to create the background objects like mountains and trees.
Like Paul Jeffries said: “There have been better graphics around, but never in these quantities. Obviously a lot of time has been spent.” It took him 9 months and 29835 clicks to complete this game but being powered by TGF and
a custom engine, Hayo new how to create a deserving GOTW winner...

The story is actually quite simple but fun and goal-reaching.
( Meaning that it does the job ) Fishhead, a guy with a fish instead of a head, is being kicked out of his house because Tomatoman and Highhair wanted to build a factory on his land. For that his house must be destroyed! This, Fishhead does not like. Can you see where this is going? Fishhead must stop the evil plans, kill the army of Flowerpotheads and save his home by finding a ”Hart of Gold”! What?... You did not see this commin’? Well, it is kinda’obvious... Anyway, This game contains 16 levels in 4 different worlds for you to work your way through. You must jump, shoot enemies, avoid mines, ( Believe me... Avoiding the mines is harder than it sounds... ) collect coins and keys, open doors and much, much more. One of my favourite features of Fishhead 3 is that you must drive your way to the next world. After avery world there’s a short, rather easy level where you must drive ‘n jump over driving Flowerpotheads! Be carefull and don’t fall into the deep caves... It’s kinda’hurts...

ImageOn to the critisism now shall we? Here I will discribe and give the positive and negative parts and points. I will go through every category of the game and say what it deserves. Which are almost only good things in this game! First I will talk about the presentation for that is the one standing on the top of the list in the DC Reviewer...
Presentation: The game contains real good presentation. Some points are that the main screen is clear and well drawn. The intro ist very good. It tels you the story really good. Even though it is a very weird story! The presentation on the DC page itself is also rather good. The large amouth of screenshots just make you wanna’ downlaod it. Which is the absolutely the point. Everyone who want’s to come in the top 10 downloads: Add lots of screenies... It’s a tip! Now on to the next part...
Gameplay: The gameplay is real good. Which is pretty good actually for he diddn’t make his own platform engine. Lots of features then are unable to make like character’s bouncing up or flying or other cool stuff. In this game does not even mather that the Fishhead doesn’t do those thing. It’s good enough and this way it looks a bit like Fishhead 2. Don’t even make me start about the A.I.
I wish I could make A.I. like that... snif.. snif.. Must... go... on... with... review... now..
Graphics: The graphics are great as you must have seen already on all the nice, nice pictures. Most graphics are done by hand and most background is done with 3D Studio Max as I already said a few lines up. It truly are amazing graphics and there’s not much to say about them other that the thing I said about them a few times before, saying that they are good... Sorry... Sound and music now... I live his guitar!
Sound and Music: First of all I think he deserves an applause for he made almost all his music himself.. Of course Circy made a Midi or 2 again... Not that it’s wrong cause Circy’s songs are catchy and suitable... Aren’t they Crix?... The music in the game is nice and like Circy’s song all very suitable. The intro guitar is played by Hayo himself! It’s really good Hayo... Great talent running through his blood... His dutch blood... The dutch, good programming blood... (joke)
Lastability: This you could look at in 2 ways. You can think hmm... The lastability is good for I want to play this quite long... More... More... You can also say to yourself hmm... It is that good cause there are only 14 levels and they are quite easy. I must, as a reviewer look at it in both ways. The game makes you wanna’play more but you can’t because the game isn’t that long. That’s actually a pitty cause it’s really good! Is’t fun and max. playtime would be round 2.5 hours.. Almost done now!
ImageOverall: One of the best klik-games I’ve ever played. Great graphics and fantastic special effects, A.I. and sneaky :-] animation engines show you that it’s very well programmed. Still some bugs there though. Do to the Custom movement it sometimes gets stuck in the walls and hacks at stairs and stuff. ( <--The character )
Great humour and cartoony styled playing makes the game a piece of klik-product art. This should be in the “Clicktream Creation Gallery”... It deserves it...

For all of you who loved this game, download Fishhead 1 & 2! Nr. 2’s got a even better story. Yes! It’s possible :-] It’s actually almost as good as the 3rd one... And for all of you who though the ending on 3 wasn’t really clear, Hayo is already working on Fishhead 4 and it’s suppose to start where nr 3 ended. That might be kinda’revealing :-] Thanks you all for reading this review... Pfew...
4.415 letters... My biggest one till now :-] Well... It deserves it....

My score: 82%

Sound and Music:

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