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Review: Fishhead 3
Author: Michael R.
Added: 26/04/2003

Great game fishhead!

This game is the best and I mean the best that I have ever downloaded.
The levels are medium sized, The graphics are astronomical, there is no doubt that A LOT of effort has been put into this game.
The backround is so detailed! How do you do that?
There is a story ( Unlike some games ) but the ending was a bit cruddy. There should have really been a heart of gold.
The last boss was too easy too. I got it 1st time without losing any health. But there has to be some booboos in games so that doesnt matter

The music and sound effects are great too. I loved it all.
The mini game was also good, except there should be amounts of health instead of just one hit and then blow up. You also need to tell people how to push the lever down(it doesn't explain that in the instructions) I had a lot of trouble trying to figure that out when all you had to do was press down. But anyway...

The levels look real in most places. But the bombs are too hard to see except in the snow levels.
The key finding is magnificent too Good work fishhead, the game is original as well not just an ordinary bang bang shooting game.

The animations are smooth, there is a variety of bad guys and almost everything does something.

It is also great how the health is in the face and you see how hurt fishhead is there. But when you collect all the ten coins, it doesn't give you a life. Was that a mistake?

There are three files in the game and that is handy for more than one person who wants to play it. It has automatic saving as well.

Thank you for letting me download and play this fishhead, I really enjoyed it.

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