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Review: Fishhead 3
Author: Codgin
Added: 10/03/2004

Presentation - All the graphics used are orignal and lovely to look at.The menu is fairly basic and the world map is nicely designed

Gameplay - A winning formula,you shoot and kill enemies in your way, jump and dodge obstcales and platforms,grab keys and press switches to get through the level.A nice car level is thrown in,sort of like the mine levels in donkey kong. Finally the boss at the end is well thought out and challenging. What lets it down though is the lack of bosses,i personally love bosses,like sonic and marios and if their was many more on offer I would have gave it a 10 cause everything else is perfect!

Graphics -Orignal, with nice looking bad guys and cutscenes. The backgrounds are nice and levels look great. I would have loved to seen more level designs though,only thing letting it down

Sound and music-Orignal and works perfectly,no more to be sed!

Lastability-The hour or so I played it,it was great fun,but than it ended.A reward at the end would have been nice,the ending was strange and more levels would have made it great!This is the main thing letting this game down

Conclusion - The game looks and sounds great,its play is orignal,fun and chalenging,the levels look great(Id love to see more of the city ones, the lift was a great touch)but would have loved to seen more(Missing the water level every classic platform game has),the mini game would have made a great reward but theirs not much to aim for throughout the game.If you have a hour to waste download!

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