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Review: Fishhead 3
Author: Wormware
Added: 10/10/2004

It's been a while since I played this game. But now I re downloaded it because I never got to write a review for this very nice game.

Title: Fishhead 3: the search for a heart of gold.
I played the 1st and the 2nd game, after playing this one. This is one of the first games with a "story line" At least it looks like that in the beginning. But I never really got the point of searching the heart of gold. The game can use a bit more 'story'.

Another thing that isn't very well, the platform engine could be a lot better. But a few years ago almost nobody used a customized engine (maybe something for Fishhead 4). The gameplay in the vehicle levels are is very good by the way!

*gulp* Man those are some nice graphics! They're getting better and better, I'll be surprised if Fishhead will have even better graphics. The 3D graphics are nice too! And it's really good that all the graphics are in the same style.

Sounds and music:
Just good, they suit the game! The guitar intro is nice too!

Last ability:
After finishing the game, you can do it again, or play the minigame (which is a very nice feature too!!!). But after a few hours you're really done. But maybe when you get bored and coincidentally think of the game, there's a chance that you'll play it again.

I really like the characters in the game, the tomato, highhear and fishhead, are nice. They really make the game original! I wish more people made their game more original like this.

Every game has small things that people like to have changed, but for this game I
m sure many of these things are just choices of the creator, so I won't blame things I don't like. Still I’d like to have a better story and a better platform engine.

I'm really looking forward to Fishhead 4
Keep up the good work!

Sound and Music:

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