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Review: Fishhead 3
Author: Sigurd
Added: 22/03/2003

Well what can I say about this game? Well plenty actually, although quite a few people feel spellbound by this game, until the last level.

Now I became a fishhead fan after I played the demo. My mouth dropped open with drool coming out the sides (Slightly exagerrated)when I saw the graphics. I thought "Wow, this might be a Klik Classic" However, when the full version came out I was a little disappointed.

"How could I be disappointed with this game?" I hear you say. Well after playing the demo I couldn't get enough and downloaded Fishhead 2. I became a little suspicious after seeing it, when I saw the amount of different types of enemies(4 I think) I began to wonder if Fishhead 3 would share the same treatment.

So when it came out I was jumping up and down my seat. I played it for a while and stood up and screamed "NOOO!!! 4 Enemies". So I had hypothesized correctly.

Another thing was that I found it two easy. I played for something like 45 minutes and passed the game. 16 levels is way to short for a game this easy. You know, I think that Fishhead 2 was harder.

In all these terrible words I haven't mentioned the good parts of this game. Ummm... Oh yes thats right the GRAPHICS (Man you dont have to scream it too loud guys) I must admit that the graphics themselves make the game great, though the couldn't make me ignore the things that make this game ok.

Sigurd's Final word:

Fishhead 3 is a good game. Altough I was expecting something nicer, It was ok. The graphics are the only thing that makes it arise from the waves of the sea of platformers. It is like a chocolate that's nice and pretty but when you bite into it it's not as good a ummm... MARS Bar (why did I put that for...)

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