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Review: Fishhead 3
Author: Max
Added: 09/08/2003

Fishhead's house is being endangered by his notorious nemesises which are Tomatoman and Hairman! Do he has the necessary skills to save his house? Of course he does, and the journey's quite pleasent.


At first glance, Fishhead 3 really has the makings of a professional game, you get a pretty nice opening cutscene which explains the game's story and then you're thrown up into into the main menu, which also looks really nice. The game's graphics really are awesome and help bringing the game to life, all of the levels are filled with many little details and awesome backdrop objects. The character and transition screens rendered in 3D really look good and are well animated. I don't recall seeing such a beautiful game since a while.

The same can't be said about the sounds and music department, though. The opening guitar riff that you hear as you boot the game is nice, but after that the music goes rather downhill. Most of the MIDIs used in Fishhead (with the exception of the Ice Caverns song, which I did liked) are bland, uninspired and poorly orchestrated. Most songs sound alike and lack a proper melody or beat that an happy platformer like Fishhead would deserve. Although the music isn't bad, it could be quite better. Sound effects do the job, but the scream sounds that play when you shoot and kill the flowerpots get irritating after a while. YEOOW! YEEARRGHH!


The aim in Fishead 3 is to make your way through 16 levels filled with many enemies known as flowerpots and kill them before they kill you. Most of the flowerpots shoot you from a distance while some will charge at you with their grinding chainsaws. Some of the later levels also feature the deadly tomatomen which can kill you in one single hit and their deadly armored cousins. The AI for the critters is pretty well done and the critters will give you a good fight without being too frustrating neither.

The game uses the default platform engine, and at first glance it's quite quirky since the scrolling feels jerky and it takes some time to get used to Fishhead's sudden acceleration (at first, I always kept bumping on landmines because of sudden movements) but you'll soon get used to it.

Most of Fishhead's 16 levels follow a pattern; you must wander around the level, find all keys and toggle the switch that will raise the exit gate. It's quite simple, but the increasing difficulty of the game keep things interesting as you progress. Every 4 stages, you get to grab a car and race on a dastardly track filled with landmines and cars driven by these nasty flowerpots. These stages offer a pretty interesting transition between the worlds and are fun to play. My only complaint about it is that the jump key sometimes was unresponsive; there were times where I tryed to jump while going down a slope but the game didn't let me do it, thus I ended up smashing that landmine in the bottom. That was messy.


This game should take some time before you do complete it, and the game's fun enough to warrant a replay through it. You should be busy for about an hour with this title, depending how good you are at playing platform games.


Fishhead 3 certainly is a great game that has few weak points. It offers satisfying and fun gameplay and is backed up by awesome graphics and beautiful levels, but the music and sound effects really need some work. It still is a pretty enjoyable game for those platformer fans out there and it's challenge level make it accessible to anyone. If you haven't downloaded this game yet, do yourself a favor and download it now, it is worth of your time.

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