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Review: Fishhead 3
Author: Klikmaster
Added: 05/05/2003

Firstly, I'd like to say that Fishhead 3 is one of the best Klik Games I have played, running alongside the depths of Eternal Daughter.

Presentation: The game is presented well, including a great menu screen, which just tells you "I'm a great game!". You can choose any level you wish to play after you have completed it, these are presented on positions on islands. The players health is represented by Fishhead's head, a great idea, maybe it needed to be a bit bigger.

Gameplay: The gameplay is exellent! You can explore each level, and collect keys to open specific doors, making you think a bit more whilst playing. You get a gun, possibly more items could have made the gamelay a bit better.

Graphics: The graphics must have been the best aspect of the game. They were origional, but looked completely professional. Great animations too, the best graphics were on the backgrounds, and the environment. The waterfalls were probably the best animated scenery.

Sound and Music: The music fitted each level well, example: all of the vehicle levels had the same music, which fitted the game. The sounds were good too, there was a sound for almost every action in the game. Including sounds which told you that you had hit an enemy, and letting you know that you had finished one.

Lastability: This game will last after being completed a few times. Some additional secret events, features and cheats could have made the game more re-playable. The player will want a lot of goals to achieve.

Overal: A good game, could have been harder for more of a challenge.

Sound and Music:

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