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Review: Fishhead 3
Author: Kazza Dreege
Added: 14/09/2003

Wow! Is all I can say, WOW! Fantastic Game, best in the world man! OH what can I say, I'm stunned!
Fantastic work Fishhead.

Presentation was fantastic and so was all the other parts of the game. A good storyline at the start with a really close look at fishhead's face. How did you do that fishhead, may I ask?

Themost bizzare but best original villains I have seen! This gets a thumbs up x 1000!

The gameplay is the only thing that kind of lacks, it is much better than what i can do though, so well done. Even though its just walking around collecting keys, opening doors did it well. Good work!

The graphics were the best part. Absolutely fantastic, een if you did use a program to do this it would have still taken heaps of effort. NICE!!!

The guitar music was great, how did you do that? It was cool, very cool. I think people from other countries besides America and Australia make the best games (prove me wrng people!!!!) But from what I have seen. What country do you live in Hayo?

The game lasted well for me, not like those silly games where it takes 30 seconds to finish or you switch off straight away because of its cruddiness, its all good!

Overall, 10! definately, the best game. Even better than Super Ken Senshi (Don't take that wrong Ben). You should ahve put this game up for sale. This game is better than a lot of sega master system and megadrive games.

Fishhead 4??? ooh can't wait, when will it be out Fishhead? I love The Daily Click. Circy, you are so funny!

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