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Dungeon Warrior
Author: Pixelthief Submitted: 17th October, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 274

Edited By Pixelthief on 10/17/2004

I made this game about a year ago, and yesterday I added in the final boss and finished it.


This game was birthed after I got addicted to Steel Dragoon EX on the V-Cade, and wondered how it would mesh with a dungeon setting.
The object of the game is simple; get from the beginning of each level to the end.
Enemies roam each level, and will attack you on sight.
Some levels contain locked doors, which require a key to pass.
When I tried playing the game, I found it rather hard, so I added in 3 continues for when you lose.

10 Levels
4 Different Weapons
8 Different Enemies

The Controls:

Arrow Keys- Move
Left Click Mouse- Attack
Right Click Mouse- Scroll Through Weapons
Ctrl- Jump (doesn't actually do anything)
Enter- Flip a Switch (there is 1 in the game)


Minigun (starting weapon): Hold to fire rapid bullets between you and your target. Helps to aim past what you want to hit. - 1 damage per bullet

Phasor: Fires homing projectiles that will hit anything they pass close to. Recharges ammo on its own. - 7 damage per bolt

Rocket Launcher: Fires big bad rockets. Can take down most enemies in 1 hit, but ammo is limited and the explosions can hurt you too. The rockets follow around your cursor, letting you guide them. - 75 damage per rocket + 100 damage/second explosion

Flamethrower: Hold to fire a stream of flame that can kill anything very quickly, but the ammo is very rare. - 100 damage/second

The Enemies:
Marines: Basic units that fire rifle rounds. Die in 1 hit from anything, and can be stepped on. - 2 Hp, 15 points

Turrets: Autocannons that fire lightning bolts at you as you pass. You can just ignore them sometimes. - 50 hp, 50 points

Bots: Robot Walkers armed with double miniguns, these appear usually as bosses. You can take them down with 1 wellplaced rocket. - 150 hp, 750 points

Tanks: Extremely powerful units, they pack deadly gatling guns at close range, and devasting cannons at long range. It is best to take them down from a distance while dodging cannonballs. - 100 hp, 300 points

Shock Troops: Marines armed with lightning rifles, these can inflict serious pain, but die easily. - 5 hp, 75 points

Helicopters: Slowmoving but wellarmed choppers, these can be taken down with a direct rocket hit. At close range they deal large damage, so keep your distance. 200 hp, 500 points

Special Enemies:

Supercopter: Absurdly powerful helicopter that is near-invincible. Your best bet it to run from it.

Crawler: A stationary monster that fires a barrage of cannons when hit by heavy weaponry.

The Brain: ?????????????

You can step on marines to kill them
You can dodge tank cannons
When you are in the forest, be wary of illusions

And I think 1.35 Megabytes might be a little big for freewebs :/

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Posted by JPMarkey (Jambo) 18th October, 2004

It's good to see some people still leave good descriptions :)
Posted by Louis Moon 18th October, 2004

2 kilobytes a second on my 512 kbps connection. No kidding.
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 18th October, 2004

Yeah, Freewebs does that.
Posted by Pixelthief 19th October, 2004

mmm how was the game as far as difficulty? I'm not sure if 3 continues would do it
Posted by AndyUK 19th October, 2004

1.35 megabytes is okay as long a you don't sit looking at the download window wating for it. Otherwise there is an 11 minute wait. to be honest i didnt like it, the enemies only died when you shot at them really close up so you couldnt avoid getting hit yourself and the graphics were small and grey. sorry.
Posted by Pixelthief 19th October, 2004

If you are getting that close to your enemies to shoot them I'd advise switching weapons. You can do this by right-clicking.





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