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Author: Pixelthief Submitted: 6th June, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 180

Edited By Pixelthief on 6/6/2004

This is an engine test for an upcoming game of mine so far named "BlobQuest"

I'm mostly looking for any feedback on bugs, errors, or incompatabilities, or just general thoughts on the game.

There are no in-game control tutorials, so it's best if you read this.


(Left/Right) -- Move left/right
(Ctrl) -- Attack
(HoldUp + Ctrl) -- High Attack
(HoldDown + Ctrl) -- Low Attack
(Shift) -- Jump
(HoldEnter) -- Use shield
(HoldEnter + Up) -- Use Object/Pull Levers
(HoldEnter + Down) -- Enter rolling mode - roll around on ground
(Enter while jumping) -- Shoot a Grappling hook (aim with arrow keys, works on the gray boxes)

While in grappling mode, use left/right to move side to side, and up/down to change distance. Press shift to jump.

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Posted by Shadow99 6th June, 2004

hey man, this is great! :)
Posted by KlikFactory 6th June, 2004

I like it :^:
Posted by Muggus 7th June, 2004

Awesome engine! One of the best i've ever seen. The only thing I think you could change, or add, is having some kind of line or like indicator on where your aiming your grappling hook. It's sometimes a bit confusing, especially when doing complex moves.
Posted by Pixelthief 7th June, 2004

Hmm don't recall tigerworks having a grappling hook engine >_< Yeah definitely should do an indicator thingy, and maybe some bigger platforms :)
Posted by Noyb 8th June, 2004

Good engine. Lots of complex moves and decent level design exploiting them should make for a great game. I don't really like how you just get jerked to the side if you get "crushed" by a platform moving down, though. Plus, I've seen some of the insect enemies go outside the level, leaving their motionless feet in the frame.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 8th June, 2004

This will be one cool game. :D The grapling hook idea is really cool, but it is a bit buggy. For example: sometimes it won't shoot out, and when you come off from the grapling hook I get stuck in the ground. And I sometimes get stuck in the walls when I roll. But other then that, great work! Can't wait to see the full version. If you abandon it, you will feel virtual pain.
Posted by Death Reaper X 8th June, 2004

Addictive even though it's just an engine :D Can't wait to play the full version. I agree with making indicators for the grappling. Suggestions: Not to fall off when you hit a wall or ceiling, that got really frustrating! I think you should just make it rebound. And maybe let you grabble from anything? Like the bottom of normal platforms rather than just the grey blocks. And those spinny platforms that only moved when you were on them were a pain in the arse. Would probably be fine if you could jump through them rather than banging against them though.
Posted by Pixelthief 8th June, 2004

reboundings a good idea should put that in. Phizzy- ive never seen that till now, but i notice its from 6/17/2002 - I released my grappling open source back in late 2001. You can see my updated open source engine (same one used here) at
Posted by Vanloon 9th June, 2004

Very nice engine. - Yeah I also got frustrated with the jumping. It is really easy to slip off the edge of some platforms while Mr Blob is still spinning. One other thing, the up and down attacks down seem very different to the forward attacks apart from having a shorter range. I hope in the full version you will have certain enemies where you have to hit them from the top/bottom. A final idea is one I was going to do for my own game (But I got bored - maybe i'll go back to it)is that if you do a certain hit, for example a low hit, you hit them in the air. Then if you do a normal hit you do extra damage. [a bit like super mario - when you hit the [P] all the shelled creatures turn upside down and you can kick them :)]
Posted by Pixelthief 9th June, 2004

Hmm when you say the jumping is slippery are you referring to jumping off the ground, or while in a roll, or off the grappling hook, or just all jumping? Seems like I could probably increase the traction
Posted by Mingy Jongo 13th June, 2004

Hmmn, this looks like Super Bubble Blob.





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