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Asunder - Demo
Author: Pixelthief Submitted: 16th December, 2010 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 304

Asunder is a work in progress about fractured space and time. This demo takes you through several levels to explore the capabilities of the engine and what you might expect from the end game. Graphics and sounds are not intended to reflect the finished project whatsoever- just simple temporary resources used for the demo.

Please let me know of any technical difficulties, slowdowns, crashes or other problems you encounter! I am currently searching for someone who would be interested in working as a graphic designer for creating a fairly medium-large scale professional project using this engine. I'll have a page up at tigsource in the near future, I'd like to iron out some dependency issues to make the demo launch go smoothly first.

*Dramamine not included.

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Posted by Pixelthief 16th December, 2010

Please let me know any of the following if you have the time-

1) How far did you get?
2) What graphics card are you on?
3) Was there any noticeable slowdown in gameplay or loading?
4) Did the sounds and musics play without problems?
5) When you *die*, does the screen fade to white and break into triangles?
6) Are there reflections on the water or a smokey distortion above them?
7) Are you now thinking upside down and backwards?
Posted by Jon Lambert 17th December, 2010

1) I beat the Skull King.
2) Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD
3) No.
4) I think they did, assuming the music is supposed to get faster and higher-pitched when you're fighting the King and it's getting closer to death.
5) Yes, but I had to let myself die for the first time to find out. I beat the demo without dying.
6) I think it was fine.
7) Nope, but I'm just immune to mindscrews.
Posted by Pixelthief 17th December, 2010

Cool! Everything but #7 turned out perfect :~)
Posted by Duncan 18th December, 2010

I badly want to give this the time it deserves, but I'm feeling a bit lost. Maybe because I'm not thinking upside down and backwards. I'll try again with a clear head in the morning.

8 ) Do you understand what the ctrl attack thing does?

And I die so much, I guess it's because I don't really understand what's happening at any given time. When the headspinningness isn't obstructing my progress it's a very wonderful quality. I love these graphics too by the way.
Comment edited by Duncan on 12/18/2010
Posted by Pixelthief 18th December, 2010

Try to follow the arrows to get through the cave-like areas, they'll lead you to the castle. The ctrl-attack unleashes a small wave of reversed time. You can attack enemies with it, or throw their attacks back at them. When you 'kill' them with it, they are thrown backwards in time for a few seconds, retracing their steps. If you charge up the attack, it will send the enemy hurtling infinitely backwards through time, killing it!

Good luck tackling it
Posted by alessandroLino 18th December, 2010

1) Dunno, inside a castle with some red dargons and hands and blades and something more that was spinning
2) Geforce 9800gt
3) No
4) Yup
5) Yup
6) Cool reflections
7) No, actually everything is spinning, which is actually good. Gonna play some more

Posted by OMC 18th December, 2010

When I try to fathom how you coded this, my brain usually explodes.

Good thing I have the control button.

Very cool stuff! If I don't post this on the front page by the end of the day, remind me to.
Posted by scaneider 19th December, 2010

There's a bug in this demo, first time died in the game, if you press Esc key while the screen breaks into triangles, the game will freeze after respawn. Second time onwards the game will just freeze if you press Esc during the fade effect.
Comment edited by scaneider on 12/19/2010
Posted by Fredrik Ortmon 19th December, 2010

Wow I'm like OldManClayton
Really nice work !
Posted by Pixelthief 19th December, 2010

Oh yes, the escape key is very unstable, don't press it! I forgot to remove that. It was a depreciated menu feature for pausing the game. I intend to replace it with just a "game paused" screen, but right now theres a chance it won't let you unpause the game- and good spot on it not working after you *die*
Posted by GamesterXIII 19th December, 2010

"Cannot Load ForEach.mfx"

I will never attempt to download this again.
Posted by Jon Lambert 20th December, 2010

When did that message come up?

And why are you talking about "attempting to download"? Downloading was obviously not where you ran into a problem.
Posted by Pixelthief 20th December, 2010

I've been trying to reach Ross/Greyhill, but atm the ForEach extension has a dependency on a certain Visual C++ redistributable. It should run on any windows system thats been updated in the last 5 years or w/e, but many people with older machines may have trouble running this- or anything else.
Posted by GamesterXIII 20th December, 2010

Fully updated windows XP SP3. I don't go on treasure hunts to play games.
Posted by Dave C 20th December, 2010

i get the same error and my comp is XP SP3.... but then again, my visual c++ is rooted, I've tried updating it etc. but i can't install MS Word or even Open Office.. i'm gonna upgrade to windows 7 soon anyways.. i'll try the game then
Posted by outerminds 20th December, 2010

interesting concept!, i made it to the part where you have to slow down time and dodge swinging blades in a small tunnel. the controls are smooth! i just thought there was not enough feedback when you attack, did i hit the target? i was never sure. maybe spawn particles on enemies when you hit them with your Pulse wave? The 360 degree gameplay is nice, but it can become very chaotic at times. but i dont know how you could fix that. anyway good job , it was fun to play around with!
Posted by Pixelthief 20th December, 2010

From a design standpoint the biggest way to avoid the chaotic feeling is to have larger platforms and smoother environments- instead of the very, very small spheres that you could run around in this one. When you get into the castle its a little less chaotic but theres still the "double sided hallway" bit that gets people a bit off.

But yeah I was thinking the exact same thing about particles on hitting! Ie particles fly out when you hit a monster, as well as displaying a "get hit" animation (perhaps just flashing white?), and when it *dies* and starts rewinding, it could maybe throw off a distortion circle like the attack does to make it obvious.

Posted by UrbanMonk 21st December, 2010

Beat it.

The final boss was pretty awesome, loved the floor effect and the sounds that went with it when the boss started up. Caught me off guard.

Ran very smooth the whole time.

1) finished it.
2) ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5600/5700 Series
3) no
4) Yes, sounded cool
5) Yes
6) Reflections seemed alright
7) I feel fine
Posted by Rocketron 23rd December, 2010

Probably the best click game I've played, awesome concept, nice difficulty level though the boss was a bit crazy when time went really fast. I liked how surreal it was. Full version will be awesome.





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