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*Simple* Mario Galaxy + Source!
Author: Pixelthief Submitted: 12th August, 2008 Favourites:0
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For those of you who have followed my OTHER 3 physics based gravity engines, this will come as no shock; Version 4! This is NOT the same as the other engines, and actually works on extremely different principles, but gets the same results, much simpler so.

This is a full platforming engine for TGF that will simulate gravity in the pseudo-physics way that Super Mario Galaxy does! Unlike my other engines, which focused on calculating the effects of point-gravity sources upon the player, this instead simple orients the direction of a set magnitude gravity against the normal plane extracted from directly under the player. If that doesn't make sense to you, try reading this article in depth:

What this means, is this gives us a VERY stable platforming engine, which works in 360 degrees, and gives us that desired "gravity", without having to worry about the variables effects of gravity sources being too much or too low; jump strengths are always exactly the same, and will travel the same distance. Likewise, without the need for point-mass sources of gravity, you can do all sorts of crazy shapes & sizes of planetoids, and the gravity should simulate properly.

In order to account for error in the cases where the raycast shoots down but misses the planet due to the new orientation and finite distance traveled in pixels, skipping a ledge, the engine uses predefined "Tether" points as a backup plan if the normal projection fails. In theory, we could just record the last *good* location of contact with the ray, and shoot towards that in failure and completely forgo the tether points, but thats something you'd have to program on your own, since I ran out of variables as TGF only gives me 3! Likewise, it would require some other scheme to move from planetoid to planetoid, since you would never flip to a different surface.

Whatever. Feel free to use the engine in your games, just make sure to credit Pixelthief! This is a *much* simpler approach than my other engines, so it wouldn't be cumbersome to work with. Take a look at the code and try to understand what makes it tick! I might use it myself....

Move with left/right arrow keys!
Jump with the Shift button!
Try triple jumping/launching/etc!

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Posted by Foo Fighter 12th August, 2008

lol funny and nice
Posted by Kazuma 12th August, 2008

Very nice job.
Posted by OMC 12th August, 2008
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I dubbest thou, "Un Genius."
Posted by Bricnic 12th August, 2008

Posted by Z D 12th August, 2008
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Why dont you just make a Mario Galaxy game instead of handing out the source code?

If you pull it off it could be one of the most popular games this site has ever seen.
Posted by Yami 12th August, 2008
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I have to say I do prefer this one more than the others. Keep up the good work. Image
Comment edited by Yami on 8/12/2008
Posted by Kazuma 13th August, 2008

Not really, Z D. Fan games are already discriminated against, even more so when they don't live up to their inspirations.
Posted by Pixelthief 13th August, 2008

yes I've been extremely hesitant to make a mario game; a TON of people have requested a "SNES mario galaxy" after seeing the mock-up footage on youtube, but at the same time, most people wouldn't play it simply because it IS a fan game.
Posted by Z D 13th August, 2008
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Its well worth the risk. You must take risks to be great theif. And lets not forget you made a game as complex as grid quest with the games factory, so I know you can pull it off.
Posted by Hempuli 13th August, 2008
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Hmm, I think the gamestyle differs so much from SMG that you could create dor example an awesome puzzle game out of this, it shouldn't have to be about Mario at all IMO. But indeed, you SHOULD create something out of this engine! The 3 stars go for the awesome coding you've got here, but the game lacks quite much everything else, so I guess I can't give more stars
Posted by Pixelthief 13th August, 2008

its not a game!
Posted by Z D 14th August, 2008
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Well please for the love of God make a Super Mario Galaxy type game. Use original characters if you have to...
Posted by Codemonster 14th August, 2008

TGF1 Lives
Posted by Pixelthief 14th August, 2008

trap runner game + physics engine? I'll think about that ....
Posted by OMC 15th August, 2008
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Of course TGF1 lives, where the heck did you get the idea that it died? O_o

Even though this is infinitely better than mine, I love how you put the stressed *simple* at the beginning like I did.





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