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Towercraft III: The Fröözen Throne
Author: Pixelthief Submitted: 4th December, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Real Time Strategy Downloads: 213

Edited By Pixelthief on 12/5/2009

WARNING/DISCLAIMER: This game is an ACCURATE simulation of and is thus NOT suitable for minors, those with sensitive vocabularies, or anyone at all really

Towercraft III: The Fröözen Throne
With apologies to Samwise

Towercraft III is an amazing single playable level from the popular Towercraft franchise! Pitting the bold Clan_Iraq (Pixelthief) against the nefarious Serberus., you must control the last remaining Cannon Tower to fend off the mirror match forces of evil! Hordes of defended footmen, ineffectual riflemen, siege tanks, and even more await you to crush your resistance! Only three farms, two guard towers, and one cannon tower remain to pull through this Helm's Deep- No peasants, no heroes, no help! Are you a good enough Towercraft III player to defeat Serberus.? Only time will tell!


This should be quite enjoyable to anyone who's ever played a game of Towercraft III. And completely offensive and incomprehensible to the rest. I put great effort into replicating the game down to the smallest details, enjoy!

P.S: If anyone knows a good place I could host the java applet so this no longer requires a download, I'd be very happy! Its 5 megabytes or so, and my google pages turned into google sites and won't work at the moment, so if anyone finds this fit for more permanent hosting, I'd be much appreciative.

P.P.S: I wasn't kidding about the harsh language. This is we're talking about

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Posted by Pixelthief 4th December, 2009

Oh and for the record, I created this in 3 nights of work. The first was back in 2006 or 2007, the next was in 2008 I believe, and than I just finished 20 minutes ago. A very efficient use of time!
Posted by Aden 5th December, 2009
Rated :

hmm, it was good but the boss was impossable and it was a bit repetative, the text was cool =P
Posted by Pixelthief 6th December, 2009

I really did strive for realism with the text. Theres only actually 50 quotes repeating, I was going to expand it to include some of the odder things I've seen said on bnet ("if u dont leave im gonna put my hex on u and we both don't want that rite?")
Posted by Callebo 6th December, 2009
Rated :

Haha, the chat was hilarious Lucky me that he dropped out, since I had one footman attacking my last tower... and you can't aim down to that footman

Great little game
Posted by erghhhhx 9th December, 2009

LOL'd at the text on screenie 2...

Anyway, downloading later.
Posted by Bricnic 10th December, 2009

Hilarious game! Gave me plenty of laughs The chat is bnet down to a tee.
Posted by 10th December, 2009

u should make DOTA instead
Posted by easyname 12th December, 2009

Yes this truly is bnet

Though I generally only play with cool people so I dont get this kind of chat much





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