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Author: Bibin Submitted: 28th July, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 225

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Edited By bibinson on 7/29/2005

Fredland- a simple mini-duck or jump game. In this game, you play as Fred Roflman. you have to excape from the weird blue cave, but you slipped, and can't stop running! press up to climb hand-over-hand on the ceiling, and press down to duck. get the mountain dew for much points. you get score as you run, but only while you're runninh, so try not to duck or climb for too long!

includes hi-score save. not intended to be a blockbuster-hit. created as a demo for "ini hi score for dummies"

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Posted by Muz 28th July, 2005

If you're gonna make a description like that, at least put a screenshot...
Posted by Bibin 29th July, 2005

there! happy :(
Posted by The Chris Street 29th July, 2005

No, not happy! Find a good host for the game and the screenshots and I just may consider adding this to the front page... but you have to do it today :D
Posted by Rikus 30th July, 2005

Now lets not get "to" picky there Circy:)
Posted by The Chris Street 31st July, 2005

Heh well... never mind. Too late now :(
Posted by Tina Petersen 31st July, 2005

Reminds me of my old Scifi Ship Kinda Out Of Luck Game.. where u controlled a ship through a horizontal scrolling lvl! only one screen high but loooong. and then spd varied up and down to make it hard, and then dodge obstacles.
Posted by hop 31st July, 2005

Funny music, but the high score doesn't even work XD.
Posted by hop 31st July, 2005

And now Muz is a Nazi?
Posted by Bibin 31st July, 2005

it does work smart one. it automaticly (spell-check depriven) updates, does't ask for name. you probably didn't get the hiscore. at the game over screen, if ou get a hi score, it says so, and fred gets up and jumps. the music is from wario's woods from the snes. again, this is a download "showoff" for my "ini hiscore for dummies" article.
Posted by Bibin 31st July, 2005

about the filehosting... yeah... ima not gonna pay money every month to upload some game for nocturnal computer nuts who sit and click the mouse and gain the lust to make the ultimate computer game and end up making some crappy (yet addicting) minigame such as fredland. oh yeah, tanoojicade and tanooji dash work now and parachute will work next month.
Posted by 1st August, 2005

cool game
Posted by Joshua M. 11th August, 2005

You don't have to pay for a good webhost. Sitesled is a very good one.
Posted by Bibin 23rd August, 2005

sitesled done!
Posted by Andrew Barontini 11th October, 2005

...the game was very intresting this is one of my favorite types...





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