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3D Collision Concept/Demo
Author: Bibin Submitted: 2nd February, 2008 Favourites:0
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Edited By Bibin on 2/2/2008

I was bored today. I played Sonic CD. Later, I played the Sonic 3D Blast bonus level's music. I thought the two would go well together. I made this.

This is a demonstration, showing that collisions in a Mode7 environment can easily be checked by simply comparing the color of a placed marker. That way, precision detection can occur with limited hassle, thanks to Liji's Pixel Object.

The source might be released later, once I fix it up a bit.

If there's enough interest in this, I might fix it up, add real gameplay, and develop it into a multi-leveled race game with a vague amount of fun. This would be kinda fun online.

Controls are arrows to move, Z to jump. you can't jump on the lava stuff, and it slows you down. get to the goal with the lowest score to win.

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Posted by Ski 3rd February, 2008

lol, very cool indeed.
Posted by Flava 3rd February, 2008
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Very impressive
Posted by Fanotherpg 3rd February, 2008
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I agree with Flava ^^
Comment edited by Fanotherpg on 2/3/2008
Posted by oldgamesrbetter 8th February, 2008
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Posted by Airflow 9th February, 2008
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Get the Origional Bonus Stage music from sonic 2, it sounds better because it's got a melody line. Make turning easier so that you turn from where sonic is standing rather then from the camera's position. Make it so that Sonic can go faster and faster. Do the thing where you crouch and hold X to spin sonic up before zooming off. Make it so that you can jump to see further/attack enemies. Do a second mode7 object which shows the sky. Add rings to collect. Add a timer so you must beat it in 9:99 minutes. Add rings in the air. Add tramolines. Add poles to swing around. Add enemies. Add enemies in the sky. Add scenery like tress, animated water and shrubs. Add the giant ring. Make a world map. Add a story line with Amy, Tails and Knuckles. Make more levels. Add a saved game file system which displays your number of emeralds. Beat the final boss by going super which is just enough to make you formidible. Make it intense. Make it say "SEGA" every time the game starts.

Posted by chrilley 9th February, 2008
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Nice demo there. With a small addition of features you could make a pretty neat game outta this.
Posted by Fish20 3rd March, 2008

does site sled delete the old files or something because everytime i try to download a game hosted on sitesled the page can't be displayed. Come on people use mediafire.
Posted by Maciek012 17th October, 2010

reupload please It's very good
Posted by xXBlazefirelpXx 25th April, 2011

Link is down, someone please reupload :C





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