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SomeGame 'E3 Demo'
Author: Bibin Submitted: 10th May, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 172

SomeGame is a game that I started a few months ago. I originally named it that for lack of a name, but it stuck. I've made a new demo, with quite a bit more than the previous previews section version, so I've named it the 'E3 Demo' version.

So, the 'story'

Blah blah, there's a character. So, something of someone's got someverbed, and someone has to do something with something. But, something is something! Oh, SOMETHING!

[there's no story yet.]

So it's your basic platformer, with a sorta-slopes engine. You can find stuff lying around, as seen in a screenshot, and eventually use them for things. You can also do some sort of Karate Kick, which sends you flying in a direction, and is your main attack.

I've changed the character from the blue thing to a rendition of myself, only less fat.


Z = jump
X = karate thing
Arrows = move

If enough people like it I should be able to present it at CC07 if I am able to go.

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Posted by DaVince 11th May, 2007

lol this is not accepted yet

Looking sweet! Downloading.
Posted by DaVince 11th May, 2007

Too fucking short. Just when I was getting into the game I fell into an endless pit. Over and over again. Ends too suddenly.

I love the gameplay and graphics though!
Posted by Bibin 11th May, 2007

Heehee, it IS a tiny demo. Mmm-surry. I'll be updating and expanding this though.
Posted by The Chris Street 11th May, 2007

Bah I remember this engine, I thought it was bloody good.

Hope you finish it.
Posted by Blake 11th May, 2007

Pretty cool, it's not a whole lot more than the last demo, but keep it up.
Posted by Bibin 11th May, 2007


Now, I know I can't attend CC07, so when this is finished would anyone like to show it for me?
Posted by -Liam- 12th May, 2007

VERY FUN game! Keep it up!
Posted by Phredreeke 12th May, 2007

DaVince, did you just say the F-word? I'M OFFENDED, ADMINS BAN HIM!
Posted by Silveraura 13th May, 2007

Looks good, seems very inspired by Sonic though, you have the rams, wall walking, loops, springs, spikes, the works.
Posted by Bibin 13th May, 2007

Loops? Wall Walking? Neither of those.
But yes, it is very sonic inspired.

Posted by X_Sheep 14th May, 2007

At least there's no 5-4-3-2-1 when you stay under water for too long
Posted by Zethell 14th May, 2007

16 free stuff.

Found the secret by mistake :] but i also got up there using Karatemoves
Posted by Zethell 14th May, 2007

Heh, somegame, reminds me of my game, Noname Online
Posted by Tim 14th May, 2007

So er... why isn't this on the front page? :\
Posted by Bibin 14th May, 2007

Usually my stuff ain't there.
Posted by Zethell 15th May, 2007

Demo's dont go on the front page, do they ?
Posted by X_Sheep 15th May, 2007

If you're lucky, they do. Demo's don't qualify for GOTW though.
Posted by Bibin 15th May, 2007

Funny; my crappy engines and blokkoland both got there.
Posted by DaVince 16th May, 2007

"DaVince, did you just say the F-word? I'M OFFENDED, ADMINS BAN HIM!"

You became too soft since Phizzy left.
Posted by Bibin 16th May, 2007

Don't fucking swear, kids.
Posted by DaVince 16th May, 2007

I'll fucking decide that myself, idiot.

Posted by Bibin 16th May, 2007

I'm offended now!
Posted by X_Sheep 27th May, 2007

I'll someverb yer FACE
Posted by Attan 30th May, 2007

Nice! but get the blue guy back!!!
Posted by Bibin 2nd June, 2007

Nah the blue guy sucked.
Posted by AndyUK 12th July, 2007

or no pause as all, because that would be annoying.





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