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(fixed download) - THA BEST GAME EVVAR
Author: Bibin Submitted: 18th August, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 158

Edited By Bibin (S.T.U.P.I.D.A.C.R.O.N.Y.M.S) on 8/22/2007

Edited By Bibin (S.T.U.P.I.D.A.C.R.O.N.Y.M.S) on 8/22/2007

Attentionouncementorizer: is moving servers right now. Downloads will be down for about a week.

Attentionouncementorizer 2: I added a new (ugh) sitesled-based backup for now:

hi fokes!!! this is the besst game ever and you play as a kitten

in the 1st level u must get 2 the ok sign but get the helichopter and avoid fire and spikes get the big to get large

in the 2nd level u must press up to accelerate and use racecar movement frmo japan it's complex an not touch the red walls of doomm an get the fishes an kill outlook exprez

in the 3rd levl u must get 2 ok sine thers dubblejump

in the 4th leel you must fite zomby in end wit shft button 2 get NES ac adapter

its my frst game evar an I made the musik and grafix and soun and game myself and with sedgewick the burninator so liek download it o yea some pics r frum google imags

HHHHHEERES A CHEET: if u prez r a lot on the OMG U WIN screen liek 30 times u skip to next frame

ii made this game 4 the tigsource b-game comp so i hop u lik t

Note to the stupid: If your IQ is less than that of a garden shovel, you might not have seen that this game is terrible on purpose.

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Posted by Aptennap 18th August, 2007

Why did you make this game?
Posted by viva/volt 18th August, 2007

I didn't think that B-Game necessarily meant bad looking .

Some people are making games that use the theme differently (No not me...)
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 18th August, 2007

It's terrible on purpose? Ahh, that's alright then.
Posted by Bibin 18th August, 2007

If that was scarcastic, I agree with you. It's definitly not alright, but I don't care. I'm having a game gap, so I just made some crap that came to my head in 24 hours.

As for "I didn't think that B-Game necessarily meant bad looking .

Some people are making games that use the theme differently (No not me...)

Well, the first levels are terribly created on purpose, then randomly in the game the third level is amazingly well made with fluid animaiton, then afterwards it inexplicably introduces a world map. The ending is really really dumb, with tons of ripped sounds from TFG.
Posted by Bibin 18th August, 2007

Oh, and only two of you actually downloaded this game.
Posted by Zethell 19th August, 2007

Bibin, don't trust the download counter.
Posted by viva/volt 19th August, 2007

It says 7 now , and I wasn't saying it was a bad entry (lol that makes no sense), i actually don't know what I was saying... How about that?!
Posted by Cazra 19th August, 2007
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this game rules!!! =D
Posted by Noyb 19th August, 2007

I keep getting 404 errors.
Posted by Airflow 20th August, 2007

Garden shovels are pretty intelligent.
Posted by X_Sheep 20th August, 2007 is moving servers soon, so it might be possible that you can't download it for a while.
Posted by AfterStar 21st August, 2007

I can't download this amazing game , the link doesn't work.
Posted by X_Sheep 21st August, 2007

Teatons will be down for a couple of days, so I think you should upload it somewhere else for the time being, Bibbee =/
Posted by ben mercer 21st August, 2007

It may be terrible on purpose but parody games still need to be fun in order to be enjoyable.
Posted by DaVince 21st August, 2007

Please submit this to
Posted by DaVince 21st August, 2007

Bah, I can't connect to right now.
Posted by Cazra 21st August, 2007
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I hope is back up soon. I've got a bunch of teatons I need to upload.
Posted by Bibin 22nd August, 2007

Added a backup download for now.
Posted by AfterStar 23rd August, 2007

Gotw material!
Posted by Bibin 23rd August, 2007

Posted by Cazra 2nd September, 2007
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Posted by Cazra 3rd September, 2007
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wow, the picture of the cat at the end is HUGE!!!
Posted by Cazra 4th September, 2007
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I am sad because the Outlook Express thing in the 2nd level doesn't work on Vista. ='(
Posted by Cazra 10th November, 2007
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