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Cavern Tale (Definitely not Cave Story!)
Author: Bibin Submitted: 31st December, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Retro Downloads: 349
176th Place     (3.6 / 5)

Edited By Bibin Claus on 1/1/2008

Well, this is this year's Christmas competition game. Before I start to actually explain the game, I'd like to give a little background. Although it uses some edited versions of sprites from My Distraction, the engine or other code is in no way based on that. And yes, the title is a complete play on Cave Story. K, now to the game.

Cavern Tale is an arcade-style platformer in which you must rescue a person and a dog, then return them to the surface of the cave. You can't die, or run out of time. The challenge to the game is to try and rescue them as fast as possible. I'm not even going to bother to integrate some story-based reason to go faster. Just do it.

The lower your score, the better. The game will store your high score, and display it next to the level as you pick it. You can also pick what song plays at the start of the level.

Your main weapon for the game is a flamethrower with unlimited fuel. You can point it in any four directions. You can use it to destroy enemies or melt ice that is in your way.

That's about as much as I realy need to explain here; the rest is in the game itself as it displays a "how to play" screen on the first run.

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Posted by Cazra 31st December, 2007
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yay! It's here! =D
Posted by Cazra 31st December, 2007
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I like the style, but the complex levels get frustrating. The physics are a bit annoying too.

Good work though!
Posted by Mr. Waffle 1st January, 2008
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Posted by jpSoul 1st January, 2008

Posted by AndyUK 1st January, 2008
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not bad,
Posted by Bibin 1st January, 2008

Any comments, other various unknown downloaders?
Posted by ~Matt Esch~ 1st January, 2008
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Nice little game, if only the music was original ;_;
Posted by Tim 2nd January, 2008

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Posted by Dustin Gunn 2nd January, 2008
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pretty cool aesthetic but I didn't like the controls or the fact that it's entirely self motivated without any goals. Also some of the level design is just mean and trial and error
Posted by Bibin 2nd January, 2008

Some music was original!
Posted by DaVince 2nd January, 2008
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Posted by viva/volt 4th January, 2008
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Pretty cool game, I feel it got worn out after a little while though :\ I didn't really feel motivated to beat my times.

Nice though, finish My Distraction
Posted by 7th January, 2008

Nice try.
Posted by Bibin 9th January, 2008

Sarcasm get?
Posted by Billybobjoe198 11th January, 2008
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At Bibin:
/b/Tarded much?
Posted by Sphax 12th January, 2008
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Posted by eliris 2nd November, 2011
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I love it hehe, the electricityy was off for several hours nd I finished all levels ;_; was very hard on some levels :0






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