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Author: Bibin Submitted: 9th May, 2008 Favourites:0
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Edited By Bibin on 5/9/2008

Edited By Bibin on 5/9/2008

While I was stumbling around, trying to make my own framebuffer engine, I realized that what I already had would make it very easy to create the illusion of a slow LCD screen. Ever used the old gameboy? Yeah, it's the "blurry"ness that I'm emulating here.

Has a short demo showing off text, a little dude, some low-res vector framebuffering, and a fun little survival game with vector rocks.

Arrows and shift!

Press numbers 1-8 to adjust response time:

1 is very fast
2 is like the original gameboy
3 is like the gameboy pocket
4 is like a TI-83+
5 is like those "quality" pocket diary things
6 is like a wristwatch
7 is horrible
8 is nearly unreadable/unplayable.

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Posted by Aptennap 10th May, 2008

Sweet! I have a TI 84+, it's awesome...
Posted by Dr. James MD 10th May, 2008
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The original gameboy was faster than the GB? Could be the UK pockets but mine is bloody fast. Much faster than mine and my friends GB's (Donkey Kong Land was terrible with them).

Sweet, 8 is like playing on a fat PSP.
Comment edited by Dr. James on 5/10/2008
Posted by Zoglu 10th May, 2008
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Posted by Bibin 10th May, 2008

Dr. James, I'm not in the UK. My gameboy pocket is a tad slower than my original GameBoy.
Posted by Dr. James MD 13th May, 2008
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Now make it open source
Posted by Simon Colmer 14th May, 2008
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ye release it open source - love this effect!
Posted by Bibin 18th May, 2008

Only once enough people rate it for the ratings to show up on the downloads list!
Posted by Zephni 20th May, 2008

~ Nice one Bibin! im trying to decide wether this is hard to do or not...i can't quite think of how youve done it. . . . . . HINT

(il rate 5 when you relse open source Image )
Comment edited by Zephni on 5/20/2008
Posted by Ricky 21st May, 2008
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Open Source





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