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Baby Ghost-DEMO
Author: Jon Lambert Submitted: 13th March, 2006 Favourites:1
Genre: Demo Downloads: 305

Edited By George Lambert on 12/27/2006

Edited By George Lambert on 13/03/2006

Edited By George Lambert on 13/03/2006

Baby Ghost is the story of a little ghost boy who just happens to be purple, and because of this, everyone calls him Baby Ghost. He doesn't like that, but he puts up with it anyway. One day, as Baby Ghost is floating home(that's what ghosts do, they float), a evil face is plotting to kill all the ghosts for no apparent reason. As Baby Ghost returns to town, and the torment of his friend Jerry, the face comes to ATTACK! He destroys everyone except Baby Ghost. Now Baby Ghost is on a quest to get his friends back, I suppose.

Control with the Arrow Keys and Shift and Ctrl.
Baby Ghost has different moves. They are based on the ecto meter (in red).

Jump-Shift key-0 ecto
Ghost Beam-Hold Ctrl-1+ ecto,meter greater than 10
Ghost Shot-Ctrl-1 ecto,meter less than 10
Ectoflight-DOWN key+Ctrl-1/2 current meter
(Press shift while overlapping cloth to return to normal)
Ectoblaze-UP key+Ctrl-1 ecto per second
(Press down to cancel in normal form,shift in ectoflight)

Ectoflight and Ectoblaze can only be used in Tomb #1.
They were put there for testing purposes and I decided to leave them there for people to try. If anyone beats the boss in West Bridge, tell me, and I take any and all criticism.

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Posted by steve 14th March, 2006

oh yay! another game that uses the DEFAULT PLATFORM ENGINE!!!!
Thumbs down.
Posted by Bo Fu 14th March, 2006

The game doesn't let you leave the saved-game screen.
Posted by Zapper 14th March, 2006

This game has got a few things that need improving, like the white dot underneath him should probably be invisible, with the default movement you can get stuck in the walls, as Bo Fu said, you can't leave the load/save screen, and I don't think you can skip the scenamatics. The shooting has a wonky hotspot aswell, which makes the shots come out of his ear.

But, after getting past all that, when I got past level 1, I was really suprised! The level selector looks great and is very well done, and the level design on the bridge level is very good, very fun to play.
Posted by joelr_2000 14th March, 2006

how can this be frontpage eye catching material when its using the default platform movement, no storyline and, one of my pet hates, bein so frikken small. ya can barely c it and wen u resize its all pixelated and glitchy.
Pov Air Hockeys better! more fun anywayz!
Thumbs down bro..
Posted by Jason Orme 14th March, 2006

Guys, leave the platform movement engine alone.
Things can work with it if you put the time in to creating your lvls correctly. Look at my Night Of Eternity game for example. Eitherway however, there is much that needs improving on this game apart from the platform movement.
Posted by AndyUK 14th March, 2006

it's a good attempt. However it's got some problems that need work before anyway will enjoy it.
Posted by BeamSplashX 14th March, 2006

I like this small window trend. Probably because I like small graphics.
Posted by Ski 14th March, 2006

Posted by Ski 14th March, 2006

And also, the shooting doesnt just have a wonky hotspot, you made it shoot the bullet in the direction of the player when player hits ctrl... Im sure this isnt really an efficient shooting method?
Posted by izac 14th March, 2006

That was the worst 5 seconds of my life
Posted by Linkman 14th March, 2006

That game sucked. No offense but the default platform engine really smells. Try making your own.
Posted by Jon Lambert 14th March, 2006

Someone teach me to make my own engine and I'l fix it.
Posted by Linkman 14th March, 2006

I made an engine if you want it. As long as there are no ramps in your game.
Posted by Jon Lambert 14th March, 2006

Ok then.
Posted by Linkman 14th March, 2006

You want it?
Posted by Jon Lambert 14th March, 2006

Yeah, i guess.
Posted by AndyUK 15th March, 2006

Making your own engines is part of learning to use MMF properly.
You could look into the platform movment object. or whatever it's called.
Posted by izac 15th March, 2006

Making your own platform engine is soo cool! You can control the players gravity, so that means you can make him spring, sit on moving platforms. And, anything else you can thing of which involes his gravity and movement!
Posted by Peblo 16th March, 2006

Or lack of.
Posted by Farmer 17th November, 2008

Broken link





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