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1st Demo Compilation
Author: Jon Lambert Submitted: 27th December, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 244

Edited By Jon & George Lambert on 12/29/2006

Edited By George Lambert on 12/27/2006

This is Jon Lambert speaking. I have so many different games in the works, and have done practically nothing on this site, so I 've decided to compile a bunch of demos into one... thing. Behold...


Ah, yes. A compiling of demos into one package for your enjoyment and/or criticism. This way, I can let everyone know that I am actually doing something, and in return, you can all tell me what to fix. Below are some notes about the games.

This isn't the same demo that was released a while back, although it isn't too different. I haven't had time to work in a new engine yet, but I won't release the full version without using a new engine. And, in the first level there is a new ectobeam. So try that out.

This is a creation of my brother's, and it could become one of those games that he is proud of. You can jump, shoot, and kill a tumor. Isn't that fun? Oh, and clicking on something in the game (I won't tell what) will unlock a secret demo for your enjoyment.

I don't know what my brother was thinking. He just liked the sprites. The demo is freakishly short because he refused to work on it for now.

Last years entry for the Christmas Compo. 19th place. You probably shouldn't play it. It isn't too good, which is why I am enhancing it with new graphics, improved gameplay and story, and other stuff.

This is a minigame based on the first character I developed, from back when I was a little kid. It's a platformer and a third-person shooter. That's all I can say.

Canceled. You should all play some other game, which is why I won't be finishing it.

A new frogger game I'm making. Yippee!

A two-part Gumman game I'm making. It is supposed to connect on the internet for co-op and item and skill trading. Gumman's first adventure, and my first static engine. Yup.

The adventures of the legendary hero are online. My brother came up with the idea, and I made the logo. Basically, you play Legend of Zelda online with others. There aren't any screenshots because it is on hiatus.

My second character is on a quest to destroy an unknown evil and save the entire world. It too will be getting its own engine, later.

For a while, this was my favorite game to work on. It has a huge, colorful manual, and uses Papyrus font. The manual isn't included though, but it still uses Papyrus.

Here is an idea I came up with in the bathroom. After Sonic Heroes, and the failed Metal Madness plot, Eggman decides that one robot clone isn't enough. So he creates Metal Tails and Metal Knuckles, so Team Sonic can battle Team Metal Sonic while he is busy taking over the world. I will give this game its own engine, but for now, I am too lazy to get one for it. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles hot-swap using the Tornado instead of hanging out together every second of the day.

The controls of each game are the same, pretty much.

Baby,Bile,Christmas,Michi CONTROLS
Arrow Keys-Move
Fire 1-Jump
Fire 2-Shoot

Arrow Keys-Move
Fire 1-Jump
Fire 2-Kick

Arrow Keys-Move
Fire 1-Jump
Fire 2(near rings)-Light Dash
Down Key(when moving)-Spin

Arrow Keys-Move
Left Mouse Key-Jump
Right Mouse Key-Activate Weapon
Shift-Switch weapon
Ctrl-Shift Camera
Left Mouse(red weapon,while crouching,with ammo)-Drop Bomb

Left/Right Keys-Control Horizontal Cannons
Up/Down Keys-Control Vertical Cannons
Fire 1-Fire Horizontal Cannons
Fire 2-Fire Vertical Cannons
Space-Switch beam power

Hope you enjoy at least some part of at least one of the games!

*Until I find a better way to fix this, you will all have to put the files in this directory: c:\gfactory\games\
I would make an installer, but not many people like those.
Besides, I'm pretty sure not everyone has a C drive. If not, you'll have to wait.*

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Posted by Del Duio 28th December, 2006

It's the click version of Action 52!!

I've heard of having a lot of projects going at once, but I don't think I ever had more than 2 or 3.
Posted by Joshua M. 29th December, 2006

I can't play the games for some reason. I get an error message, that it can't open the file.

... You did use relative paths to the game files, right? Like, Appdrive$ and Appdir$?
Posted by axel 29th December, 2006

And please do NOT use bitmaps on the internet. EVER. Use a compressed image format, like PNG. And MS Paint saves PNG (on winXP), in case you didn't know.
Posted by Jon Lambert 29th December, 2006

How do i do that appdrive$ and appdir$ thing? TGF is what i use

Posted by axel 29th December, 2006

It's the same in TGF. Appdrive$ + appdir$ will get the full path of the directory in which your game EXE is located. So whenever you load something from an external source, open the expression editor, and do this:

appdrive$ + appdir$ + "file.ext"

Just replace file.ext with the file's real name.
Posted by Del Duio 29th December, 2006

Yeah, otherwise the player will have to store the game (and it's support files, if any) in EXACTLY the same place that you had them on your computer in order to work. (ex. C:/Program Files/MyGame) I had this same exact problem when I first made the jump to put my games up on the internet.
Posted by YoYoFox 9th December, 2020

I'm interested in these demos. I'm especially interested in Sonic Heroes Advance. By chance, does anyone happen to have this collection?





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