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KSVRS Ratings Notepad
Author: Jon Lambert Submitted: 12th January, 2008 Favourites:0
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Edited By Jon & George Lambert on 1/15/2008

Edited By Jon & George Lambert on 1/13/2008

Edited By Jon & George Lambert on 1/13/2008

While I was working on my submission for the TDC Christmas Competition 2007, I kept getting distracted by new ideas. This ultimately led to my dropping out of the competition, but this is one of the results of my inability to hold concentration.

I have developed a rating system similar to the one used by the ESRB called the KSVRS, or Klik Software Voluntary Rating System. The system isn't limited to klik software, and can be used for other types of programs as well. It consists of 8 different ratings, from Early Age 1+, to Restricted 21+. Now, some of the available ratings may seem redundant, but that isn't your problem, it's mine. What is your problem, however, is rating your game, should you choose to do such a thing. For those that can't decide what rating to give their program, I have created a supplement program for the system, called the KSVRS Ratings Notepad. The program can be used to rate your games, or to access links to the images on the internet, should you choose to put the rating on a webpage.

The program works by receiving your answers to a series of questions about your program, and then compiling an applicable rating. Features for the compilation of the rating are:
- Tags stating further details about the rating.
- A tag stating the difficulty of using the program.
- A tag stating the maximum number of simultaneous users.
- A tag stating whether the game has online capability.

Remember that this is a voluntary system, and you aren't obligated to use it. I just figured that maybe someone would think it a good idea, what with all the different games released on this site, there isn't really a good way to know what kind of content lies within.

All comments are accepted. Thank you for your time!

YES, I'M SORRY. I was just preparing the website for the KSVRS on my Google Pages, when I decided it might be cool if I used my own program to get the image links, and I realized that I corrupted my own program. So, I have fixed it, tried it, and it works now. Sorry for any inconvenience it may have caused anyone.

Here is the KSVRS website.

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Posted by Kamukoira 13th January, 2008

broken link :\
Posted by Jon Lambert 13th January, 2008

it works for me... try it now.
Comment edited by Jon & George Lambert on 1/13/2008
Posted by mojofltr 13th January, 2008

Hmm, I have to sign up to esnips to download?
Posted by Jon Lambert 13th January, 2008

Is that asking if you have to, or is that a statement in the form of a question, because I downloaded things from esnips before I started an account without having to sign up.
Posted by Pixelthief 13th January, 2008

Generally, if everyone on the site happened to start using this, it would lead to alot of self-censorship that would make it worthless. However, I don't particularly see that happening, so I'd say this is a nicely crafted program for those who opt to use it.
Posted by Pixelthief 13th January, 2008

Ok honestly, I was going to try to navigate that ESNIPS site, find your download, and host it myself so you'd have something better for the DL link, but cripes theres no way to download the file from what I can tell. The direct dl link just asks you to log in, even if you're already logged in, and then redirects you to your account.

You need to host this on a better firesharing method; I'd personally recommend using googlepages if you have a gmail account. If you don't just make one.
Posted by Reno 13th January, 2008

this is a good idea but unless it was intigrated and required by TDC to use to submit games not many will use this or people would mis-rate there games...
Posted by Jon Lambert 13th January, 2008

I changed the host to my new Google Page. Thanks for the suggestion. I can't believe I didn't know that was there! Anyway, if the TDC wants to integrate the system, (which I doubt) they can do that. I made it because I figured at least someone might like it.
Posted by Cecilectomy 16th January, 2008

i only use one rating system. the BSRB
bull s**t rating board.

games can either recieve an F or an NF.
fun or not fun.

shouldnt we have a rating system? maybe not complicated. but like a warning about what kind of content it has? of course big games that take awhile to play would take awhile to rate. sigh.
Posted by Pixelthief 17th January, 2008

Its been discussed multiple times before. A ratings system leads to censorship. Even if its 100% optional, it leads to self-censorship. So while I support the idea in theory, it has some bad consequences.
Posted by Jon Lambert 18th January, 2008

I get what you're saying, but I just don't get why people feel that they mustn't make mature games if there's a ratings system. Just make the game, rate it when you're done, then release it, whether its mature or for babies.





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