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JoyCheck & KeyCheck Widgets
Author: Jon Lambert Submitted: 30th December, 2010 Favourites:1
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All right, let us begin by commenting on how I never submit anything, and how everything that I have submitted before has either been incomplete or a piece of crap.

Now let's pretend that this isn't a piece of crap, because I sure hope it isn't.

These are the JoyCheck and KeyCheck Widgets. They are widgets of my own creation that I made in about an hour last night. The utilities and readmes included took the most work. If you include the majority of those, then it took more than an hour.

The JoyCheck and KeyCheck Widgets were made to make it easier to include customizable controls in your games and/or applications by including all the code necessary to bind (record) keys and detect when bound keys are pressed, held, released, or not held.

The features of the JoyCheck Widget are:
- One or two objects (depending on if you need the widget for more than one frame)
- Able to store up to 26 unique buttons as well as their states
- Able to retain stored buttons in multiple frames (if included in multiple frames and using both objects)

The features of the KeyCheck Widget are:
- Two objects
- Able to store up to 26 unique keys as well as their states
- Able to retain stored keys in multiple frames (if both objects are included in each frame)

The download includes the sources for the widgets, the required Keyboard and Joystick 2 objects, guides for using both widgets, utilities to demonstrate the widgets, and guides to using the utilities. The utilities themselves include code for saving and loading key/buttonbinding configurations as well as brief descriptions of the widgets and their functions. The list files do not have to be saved as .kcw and .jcw files; the utilities were just coded that way to have separate file types for each type of configuration (key vs. button).

If you need more information than provided in the download, you find something wrong with the widgets, utilities, or guides, or you think I missed something critical in this download description, please do not hesitate to mention this.

You do not have to give credit if you use the widgets, although it would be appreciated. Thanks for your time.

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Posted by Kai Proton 30th December, 2010

I always find doing the Controls with Cntl+Y looks Really Cheap, and that the idea of making click games to make them like real Sales items,
so up until now Ive used the controlX and something for Joystick, that I cant rememeber ad i use the keys usually..

Im always wondering if there is an easier way to control the configs..

D/loading to find out.





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