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The Dude War
Author: MJK Submitted: 9th April, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 277
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Edited By MJK on 6/19/2006

Edited By MJK on 26/04/2006

The Dude War is a traditional Worms 1 clone, where you're in control of a team of 1-4 dudes aiming to destroy all the competing teams before they'll do the same trick to you. It's multiplayer (local) game with 2-4 human players, even up to 16 if necessary. Also AI-players are available. You can create your own teams containing of only human/AI players or, alternatively, you can mix AIs with your other players.

There are some 11 different weapons to use; e.g. bazooka, grenade, hand gun, uzi, mines, dynamite, nuclear bomb and the more peculiar ones like birdflu and the melcone bomb. Some other utilities are also available; teleport, melter, obstacle and terrain generator.

Once in a while special delivery boxes are dropped to the playfield containing extra health, time, weapons or jump strenght. If lucky, player can get one of the two secret weapons as a bonus from these boxes. If he's fast and skilled enough to use it effectively in the given short time, it may result in total mass destruction!

Other features include random terrains in 8 different themes, statistics and modifiable game options. There's also a mini-game mode called "Bazooka Master", accuracy shooting with online hi-scores.

ARROW KEYS - walk & aim
SPACE - shoot
SHIFT - jump
CTRL + MOUSE - scroll
TAB - change the player
0-9 - shortcut keys to basic weapons
Z - move game-info up/down

The game itself runs in a 1024x768 screen size and it requiers some power from the pc. If you have <1 Ghz or so it may slow down occasionally..

EDIT: New version available!
- about 20 bugs fixed
- explosions blast/throw players on the field

- special deliveries -function
- a bit improved AI
- accelrating aiming system
- new music track
- reduced jump power by 20 %
- enhanced energy-loss calculator
- modified terrain generator
- new background color (orange)

EDIT2: Updated version once again
- about 15 bugs fixed
- secret weapons
- super jump power
- adjustable initial energies
- new animation
- shortcut keys (0-9) to basic functions
- slightly enhanced AI
- new background (night sky)

- new mini-game mode: Bazooka Master!

- sudden death mode (optional)
- AI-improvements (mobility, accuracy)

So, how about to give it a go?

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Posted by Linkman 10th April, 2006

Make a bloodless version and maby I'll play it. I don't know why everybody's under the assumption you need buckets of blood to make a game good.
Posted by MJK 10th April, 2006

Guess what Linkman? There IS a bloodless version, just turn it off from the game-options..
Posted by Peblo 10th April, 2006

It's also pixel blood. Why would people be offended by that?
Posted by JohnLastrologue 10th April, 2006

Looks promising, downloading it...
Posted by Simon Colmer 10th April, 2006

well i just have one question, how much testing did you put into it before releasing? (but then again wot are betas for!)
Seems like you have the making of a good game, just needs LOADS of tidying up! I had trouble of even getting the game setup - when creating a team, you select AI or manual but when you load up the settings from the team it always shows manual! Like you said the AI arnt very hard, but i found the machine gunner to just keep shooting until his round was up (even though missing!) The air rade never worked for me, but the best bug has to be able to control the AI on there goes you can move them and aim for them which allows you to kill them
Keep it up and let me know when its a little more playable!
Posted by MJK 11th April, 2006

Simon, thanks for your comments. I realize there are lots of those smaller or bigger flaws to fix, and you just gave me some good info on those, so it makes my work a bit easier. I'm trying to put somewhat enhanced beta version available already in few days.
Posted by Cecilectomy 11th April, 2006

good good. id actually like to see more blood. also a little more action. but good going. kinda makes me nostalgic for worms. i wont get my hopes up thumbs up anyway.
Posted by Simon Colmer 11th April, 2006

Anytime, i have loads of comments to make as i feel that there is a good start. If you need more info just contact me!
Posted by MJK 11th April, 2006

Thanks legendkpr. The online option isn't yet very topical, but maybe in the future. Currently I just concentrate on the basic features, bug fixing and some simple additions. More blood can be done, but that would then be adjusted from the options, as some people get quite easily offended by red pixels.
Posted by Kamukoira 11th April, 2006

Nice game but aiming is too slow :\
Posted by MJK 11th April, 2006

That's actually a very good little point, Kraton. I should perhaps speed it up a little bit, but then again, it can't react too fast or accurate aiming becomes more difficult.
Posted by JohnLastrologue 11th April, 2006

Use acceleration in the aiming system (it starts to move faster as you hold the aiming keys long enough). That way precise aiming is possible while fast aiming is too.
Posted by MJK 11th April, 2006

Nice idea, indeed.
Posted by 11th April, 2006

ehhh, It's "ok" could use AI's..
Posted by MJK 13th April, 2006

There's now new version available with bug-fixes and new features.
Posted by izac 19th April, 2006

it's ok but the graphics are terrible and so is the music
Posted by MJK 19th April, 2006

Ok, thanks for your comment. You can turn the music off from game-options if you don't like it..and the graphics, well, you can shut your eyes if they hurt you.
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 19th April, 2006

Just to let you know, I'm going to be reviewing this for the next issue of Click Zine. If you have anything else you want to do to this game update wise; I'd do it in the next week or so; cause that's when I'll be doing my review.
Posted by MJK 19th April, 2006

Very nice, thanks. I will keep adding few bug-fixes and minor feature additions but they should be pretty much done by the beginning of the next week.
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 19th April, 2006

Ok, I'll give you a day's notice or so before I download the version for review.
Posted by 29th April, 2006

awwsome game but i wish you made it have tank wars ground explosion effects... but i cannot do those
Posted by Degran 22nd July, 2006

Am I doing something wrong? I can't seem to create and load teams.
And when I start a match, the match is finished before it started (I don't know if this is linked with my first problem?)

Posted by MJK 29th July, 2006

Degran, have you installed the game properly? If you create a team, check /data2/*.ini-file (open in notepad) to see if the team you created appeared on the team list. What operating system do you have?





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